JAKARTA, 27 April 2021 - In accordance with Cashlez’ initiative to start exploring traditional markets in Indonesia, today, on 27 April 2021, Cashlez together with PT Media Dimensi Teknologi Indonesia (Emditek) inaugurate a collaboration with Pasar Bersih Sentul City as the first market partner.


Through this collaboration, buyers can make non-cash payments using credit cards, debit cards, QRIS, Virtual Account (VA) and Cashlez-Link at Pasar Bersih Sentul City which consists of shop houses, kiosks, wet booths, dry booths and food courts.


CEO of Cashlez, Suwandi, said, “We believe that the non-cash payment system will continue to grow rapidly in line with the growth of economic digitization in Indonesia. Therefore, it is time for traders in traditional markets to start adapting non-cash payments for day-to-day transactions."


Based on survey results from VISA, 63% of Indonesian consumers admit to carrying less cash and spending less with cash, which is the highest in the Southeast Asia region. Furthermore, 7 out of 10 stated that they felt that they no longer needed to carry cash with them. In addition, according to data from Bank Indonesia, as of February 2021, card payment transactions increased by 4.93% (yoy) and electronic money transactions grew by 26.42% (yoy).


"We realize that people are now getting used to making non-cash payments. Especially in this month of Ramadan where there is an increase in the need for basic commodities that require various kinds of payments. It is hoped that this non-cash transaction will change people’s behavior as well to buy daily and monthly necessities from supermarkets or hypermarkets to traditional markets,” said Hendra Harsono, President Director of Pasar Bersih Sentul City.


Meanwhile Yudi Kusman, CEO of Emditek who is the partner of Cashlez said that MSMEs are a market with enormous potential, but there are still many MSMEs that have not enjoyed digital transaction facilities, especially in traditional markets. "In addition, most traders in traditional markets do not understand well about non-cash transactions, therefore we as fintech players need to provide understanding to them. We believe that a common path like this will facilitate the expansion of non-cash in Indonesia, especially in traditional markets." said Yudi.


"The target of 500 traders is the initial target. In the future, penetration will continue to be expanded by cooperating with more traditional market traders, both inside and outside the city, to encourage the economic growth of Indonesian MSMEs," concluded Suwandi.


Campaign #UMKMBisaYuk


In line with Cashlez’s commitment to continue to increase non-cash usage in Indonesia, Cashlez presents the #UMKMBisaYuk campaign. Through this campaign, Cashlez presents an educational program regarding the application of non-cash for MSMEs.


"One of the challenges in expanding non-cash penetration in Indonesia is education. In this campaign, we will provide an understanding of the benefits, benefits, and procedures for implementing non-cash for business actors. The hope is that more and more MSMEs will switch to non-cash according to the government’s expectations." said Suwandi.


This program has been implemented for the first time in Pasar Bersih Sentul City by providing education to traders for 2 weeks.


Going forward, the #UMKMBisaYuk campaign will continue to run simultaneously with the expansion of the Cashlez market penetration in Indonesia.

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