JAKARTA, 26 October 2023 – PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk (“Cashlez”) received approval for processing payment transactions using the national standard QR Code payment Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (“QRIS”) from Bank Indonesia. Cashlez collaborates with PT Alto Network (“ALTO”) to be able to provide the best service amidst the need for payment solutions that make every Cashlez merchant transaction easier.


Left to Right: Hendrik Adrianto - Cashlez Director, Robert Kurniawan - Cashlez Director,
Wahyudi Gunawan - Chief IT & Operation Alto, Gretel Griselda - Chief Business Officer Alto, Irianto Kusumadjaja - President Director Cashlez, Surya Aseanto Putra - President Commissioner Cashlez Edy Suryanto Sulistyo - Commissioner Cashlez

At the QRIS Cashlez launching event which was held on Thursday, 26 October 2023 at the Mercure Gatot Subroto Hotel, Jakarta, Cashlez management, ALTO management as a switching company collaborating with Cashlez, was also attended by Cashlez management, as well as an opportunity for Cashlez to introduce QRIS to the public as a form of service. Cashlez provides more complete services to make it easier and more practical for Indonesian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ("MSMEs") to carry out every payment transaction process.

In addition to making payment transactions easier for Cashlez merchants, most of whom are MSME players in Indonesia, Cashlez is committed to continuing to increase digital payment literacy so that MSMEs can continue to develop along with current advances in digital transactions. Quoting data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, of the approximately 65 million MSMEs in Indonesia, only around 17.2 million or approximately 26.5% of MSMEs are connected to the digital ecosystem. By developing Cashlez merchants to enter the digital ecosystem, it is believed that Cashlez merchants can be more optimal in running their business by expanding the reach of the Cashlez merchant consumer base.

"The presence of Cashlez as a QRIS organizer is Cashlez’s commitment to provide the best service for the Company’s merchants who will increasingly experience practicality in every consumer payment transaction. "And by collaborating with ALTO as a switching company, Cashlez is optimistic that it can also contribute to the Indonesian government’s target of developing 30 million MSMEs to join the digital ecosystem to boost the national economy." said Irianto Kusumadjaja, President Director of Cashlez."

About PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk:
Established in 2015, PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk (“the Company”) with the Cashlez brand is a payment financial technology company that provides solutions for merchants and offers added value so that business owners can manage and grow their business.

Cashlez created a payment gateway system which is equipped with accepting payments using cards, either credit cards or debit cards based on applications on smartphones (Android and iOS) which are connected to a card reader via Bluetooth.

Apart from accepting cards, merchants can accept other digital payment methods such as QRIS payments, Cashlez-Link for e-commerce payments and Virtual Account payments. Cashlez is developing POS & back-office reporting features for merchants, as Cashlez’s commitment to make it easier for merchants to manage and improve their business. In this case, the system can monitor all merchant sales transactions in real time.

For your information, Cashlez has received the MURI World Record award as "The First Payment Aggregator in Indonesia with Point-of-Sale Platform and Payment Options of Multi-Acquiring Bank in One App". Currently Cashlez has helped more than 18,000 business people spread throughout Indonesia. In May 2019, Cashlez received official permission as a Payment Gateway from Bank Indonesia and in early 2020, Cashlez officially became a Public Company (Tbk) in Indonesia with the stock code CASH.

For more details, visit www.cashlez.com.

About PT ALTO Network:
ALTO Network is a provider of infrastructure and business solutions that has collaborated with hundreds of companies (Banks, Digital Banks, Payment Gateways, Financial Institutions and Enterprises) in Indonesia. Founded in 1993 as a switching company, ALTO has expanded its solutions to all payment infrastructure and together with several world-class business partners continues to present various innovative technologies to connect businesses and/or financial institutions with customers so they can develop their businesses in Indonesia and abroad.

For more details, visit www.alto.id

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