JAKARTA, 23 September 2020 - During the new normal period in the midst of the current pandemic, many people have started making online transactions or digital transactions. In fact, even before the pandemic, digital transaction systems were common. Besides being more practical, digital payment systems are considered safer. However, the pandemic has made its use even more massive. Digital payments have finally become a necessity and a lifestyle. This encourages and demands a number of service providers to always innovate.


Cashlez, a payment financial technology company in the payment gateway sector, is one of the companies that continues to encourage digital transactions to address the need for contactless payments in the midst of the new normal Covid-19 pandemic.


This time, Cashlez collaborated with Vospay, a digital credit card service provider in Indonesia, to facilitate face-to-face installments. Through this collaboration, Cashlez merchants can provide Vospay digital credit card payment options to customers.


Cashlez CEO Tee Teddy Setiawan said that this is Cashlez’s strategy to enable more people to shop and make payments safely and comfortably , both from their homes and directly at Cashlez merchants.


"The method is quite easy, Cashlez merchants only need to activate Vospay on the Cashlez App so that customers can make installments of up to 12 months just by entering their cellphone number." Close Teddy Tee.


Tito Tambayong as CEO of Vospay expressed his hope that this collaboration could provide maximum benefits in the financial industry by helping people to make it easier for them to manage finances and shop with online installment facilities for up to 12 months.


"With this collaboration, Vospay’s presence in the digital ecosystem can continue to grow as a solution in expanding digital transactions and supporting the development of the financial industry effectively." Tito added.


Currently, a credit limit facility is available for selected customers from financing companies partnering with Vospay. In the future, Vospay will also open opportunities for debtors to get installment facilities of up to 12 months by submitting digital credit applications at Cashlez merchants.

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