Independent member completes payment transactions using Cashlez at Automated Sales Center Herbalife Nutrition, Jakarta (17/05)

JAKARTA, 17 May 2022 PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk (Cashlez) with the stock code CASH in collaboration with Herbalife Nutrition presents non-cash payments at the Automated Sales Center (ASC) in two locations, namely Gedung Veranda Cibis Nine, Cilandak, South Jakarta and in Metropolitan Mall Bekasi.


This collaboration is carried out to provide easy payments to Independent Members and Herbalife Nutrition consumers in fulfilling access to nutrition that is easier, faster, convenient and safer through non-cash payments in the form of credit and debit cards.


Suwandi, President Director of Cashlez said, “We also support Herbalife Nutrition’s innovations, especially payment aspect. This is also our commitment to be the best payment integration for merchants and customers. We hope that through this ease of payment, both customers and Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members will be able to access products independently.”


Suwandi added that transactions using cards are currently experiencing growth. According to data from Bank Indonesia, payment transactions using debit cards and credit cards grew 2.88 percent year-on-year (yoy) to Rp.596.2 trillion in February 2022. Bank Indonesia also observes that card-based payment transactions are still able to grow in 2022 in line with the increasingly controlled pandemic conditions.


Herbalife Nutrition Indonesia’s Senior Director & General Manager, Andam Dewi said that the use of cashless transactions at ASC facilities also strengthens Herbalife Nutrition’s commitment to improving company services. This innovative Automated Sales Center (ASC) will complement the existing 35 distribution channels spread throughout Indonesia.


Herbalife Nutrition is also quick to adapt to technological developments, and for this innovation the company collaborates with Financial Technology (FinTech) company Cashlez, which supports the convenience of cashless transactions for Independent Members. “As cashless transactions increase in Indonesia, we immediately innovate in providing non-cash payments at the Herbalife Nutrition Automated Sales Center (ASC) facility which was launched in November 2021. We hope that our Independent Members can make transactions more efficiently, more easily and directly obtain products with the same quality and warranty.” Andam said.

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