Being a fintech payment aggregator in Indonesia, Cashlez has established partnerships with various industries, one of which is the leading coworking space company in Indonesia, namely GoWork. According to INFOBRAND.ID, the collaboration between Cashlez and GoWork makes it easy for these coworking space customers to make payments that are not only fast, but also easy and safe.

GoWork staff are now using Cashlez’s latest innovation, namely CashlezONE, an All in One Device that is equipped with cashier applications and various payment features, ranging from credit and debit cards to digital payments such as LinkAja, OVO, and GoPay. All of these services are available in more than 20 GoWork branches spread throughout Indonesia.

According to Cashlez’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Tan Leny Yonathan, the Cashlez and GoWork partnership is based on the similarity of the two to utilize payment technology. Through this collaboration, it is hoped that GoWork and its customers will become easier and more comfortable when making transactions.

Meanwhile, GoWork’s Co-Founder & Head of Operations, Xavier Chang said that GoWork is always committed to providing the best facilities for its customers, including by presenting various payment methods. For him, the more payment methods, the easier it is for business people to adjust the tendency of customers, both those who want to deal conventionally and who use digitizing payments such as mobile payments and e-money.

In addition to the coworking space industry, Cashlez’s integrated payment system also supports the well-known retail industry, namely Gramedia through the POS Mobile service. Reporting from, at the inauguration ceremony of collaboration between Cashlez and Gramedia Teddy Tee as CEO of Cashlez revealed that POS Mobile makes the payment process more effective because customers do not need to go to the cashier, queue up and wait. They can directly pay to Gramedia staff who have been equipped with CashlezONE.

Tee Teddy also added that the collaboration between Cashlez and Gramedia is one form of Cashlez’s commitment to become the best partner for banks and non-banks and to act as an integrated business solution that can be relied upon by businesses in all segments.

In addition to providing practical transaction experience, Cashlez also has the highest certification with the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) since 2016 and has obtained a license as a payment gateway operator from Bank Indonesia. Through, Tee Teddy stated that data security is Cashlez’s priority to ensure the safety of users when transacting. There are two types of security at Cashlez, namely Payment Card Industry (PCI) and certification from Bank Indonesia. This layered security will prevent users from cyber crime.

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