Hi Merchant Cashlez



Do you often find that potential customers have asked a lot about your product, but they decided not to buy it?


Maybe, you haven’t used the right moves to convince potential customers, especially if you don’t provide Atome features!


Give your customers the convenience of 3 or 6 months installments with a down payment and 0% interest!*T&C apply


Lucky to have Atome


Sales are getting better

Provide the PayLater feature so that more and more of your products are bought!


Make Customers Happy

When else will there be a 3 or 6 month installment feature without a down payment as well as 0% interest?


Easy to register

Just submit the feature in Cashlez Reporting or Cashlez App!


Provide Atome Feature, Now!

  1. ClickMenu [≡] button on Cashlez App or Merchant Portal (Cashlez Reporting).
  2. Select"Upgrade Feature".
  3. On"Request Payment Option" display, select "Atome".
  4. Add estimated sales turnover (Rp), and total transactions per month on"Note" coloumn.
  5. Select“Submit”.


How to Transaction Using Atome:

  1. Enter the product name and price in the Cashlez App.
  2. Select the Atome payment method.
  3. Show the QR to the customer for the customer to scan.
  4. If the customer has scanned, the transaction has been successfully done.


*Terms and conditions:
  1. You have to complete full registration inCashlez Appwhich you can download trhough App Store or Play Store and the registration guide can be seen here.
  2. Request for Atome feature activation via the Cashlez App in the Upgrade Feature menu or Merchant Portal.
  3. To receive Atome payments, your customers can make cardless installment payments.
  4. You can see the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) for Atomehere.
  5. The results of the Atome payment feature activation application will be released within 7 (seven) working days.
  6. The Atome transaction feature will be activated immediately if the application is approved.
  7. You have at least 5 (five) branches and at least 1 (one) outlet in Jakarta.
  8. Your business ownership is a company (not an individual owner).
  9. Settlement of your funds will be processed to your registered account in a maximum of 3 (three) days or no later than when the funds have been received from the partner to Cashlez starting from the transaction date. If the transaction is made on a Friday/holiday, the settlement will be entered in the next 2 (two) working days.
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