We are all certainly familiar with the bazaar, because the bazaar is often used as a chance to introduce our brand to the business community. It should be noted that selling in the store itself is a little different from selling in the bazaar. When attending this event, you need to adjust everything with the provisions of the organizer, such as the size of the booth, lighting, and decorations that are allowed.

Meanwhile, business operators who take part in bazaars should also anticipate. What happens if in the middle of running your business, you actually have to run around because you have to exchange money? If it’s been too long, the customers might move to the competitor. However, you should stay calm since the is one perfect solution to make sales at the bazaar easier, namely by using Cashlez.

By simply using Cashlez, you can serve customers who have missed their wallet or don’t carry cash for shopping. Moreover, the Cashlez payment machine can also read various debit and credit cards. You no longer need to bother checking the payment amount or whether or not the money is worth using.

What if customers run out of the products they are after? At the bazaar, the supply of products is certainly very limited, so it could be that the products they are after are actually still available at your store. For that, you can offer customers and send the product. If they agree, then you can just use the Cashlez Link feature that accepts remote payments.

There are many things you need to prepare when you take part in the bazaar, for example, such as accepting the sales system. Do not let these confuse you, because you are the one who give most contribution to your business.
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