Ramadhan is a moment that many people have been waiting for, including business people. This month, many promising business opportunities can be used to maximize profits. This is because consumer behavior tends to increase. There is a lot of market demand, ranging from foods for dawn and breaking, various takjil, pastries, parcels, Muslim clothing, to religious equipment.

Of course, the opportunity to optimize sales must also be accompanied by the right strategy. Reporting from kompas.com, because in addition to having many opportunities, you will also be faced with business rivals. Moreover, those who sell during the fasting month are not only business people who have been in business for a long time, but also people who use this moment to open side businesses.

In order to keep your business smooth and attractive to many customers, of course you need to bring products that attract customers. For example, you provide various catering menus for dawn and breaking fast. Well, you can offer healthy menus to attract the attention of your customers. Especially during a pandemic like now, people are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining stamina.  

The innovation of these products also needs to be accompanied by appropriate promotions. Ask for the help of those closest to you to recommend these products so that more people will know about your business. In addition, make sure you also actively promote your products through social media. Because at the present time, people are increasingly accessing products online

In addition to optimizing the products you offer, you also need to maximize the services you have so that customers can shop practically. At present, you can use Cashlez as an easy-to-use payment service. Through the Cashlez Application, you can register all of your products and serve customers using the cashier feature quickly. In addition, your customers can choose various non-cash payment options, ranging from credit / debit cards, digital payments, online payments, and virtual accounts. All transactions made at your place of business can be directly monitored in real time through the sales report feature. 

Cashlez itself is a product of PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia, a first payment fintech company that was successfully listed on the stock exchange. Reporting from thejakartapost.com , Cashlez’s President Director, Teddy Tee revealed that Cashlez will continue to focus on developing innovative products that are easy to use and help businesses in Indonesia to run their businesses.

Cashlez, which has now assisted around 7,000 business operators, plans to continue expanding and helping more businesses, both in the micro, medium and enterprise scale . During a pandemic like this, Cashlez continues to support business actors to switch from conventional systems to digital systems so that the risk of Corona virus spread can be minimized.

Meanwhile, IDX Assessment Director I Gede Nyoman Yetna stated that Cashlez’s move to go public is expected to be an inspiration for other start-up companies that have not been listed on the stock exchange to also develop in the exchange and improve relations with the public. Cashlez itself is one of the companies under the guidance of IDX incubator. 

Through market.bisnis.com, I Gede Nyoman Yetna also expressed Cashlez can enjoy a growth opportunity to grow and grow and increase shareholder value are optimal. Meanwhile, Teddy Tee also added that Cashlez, which has now been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, aims to improve good corporate governance (GCG) so as to provide added value to Cashlez stakeholders.
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