The implementation of the National Non-Cash Movement launched by the Government of Indonesia since 2014 is now increasingly apparent. The reason is, we can find many places that accept non-cash payments, ranging from restaurants, supermarkets, to recreation areas. From the consumer side, the use of non-cash payment instruments such as debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallet is also easier because the transaction process becomes faster and easier. So, to deal with digitizing payments in Indonesia, what do business operators need to prepare?

Of course, business endeavors must be able to accept transactions that have now switched to digital systems. So, if you previously received cash from a customer, now your customer can receive payment for his purchases only through the smartphone he received. Running out of cash through your wallet is no longer a big problem. Hopefully, you can also serve buyers without a cash register. With just one application, various non-cash payments, customers can order practically and easily.

In a way, the shift in the payment system will have an impact, both for the buyer or for your participation as an insurance effort. So if you have not received a non-cash payment method, then you will harm yourself because buyers who do not provide cash will not be able to buy at your place. Interestingly, your compilation accepts various digital payments through Cashlez, so your automatic sales turnover will also increase.

Actually, it is not difficult. As long as you are open and able to adjust to existing developments, then your business can continue to run smoothly. As non-cash payments become more widespread, you will indeed find a variety of digital payment instruments, both those that use a mobile system or those that use QR codes. However, do not let you be confused because you have to determine the type of payment you want to use, yes. Because there is a Cashlez application that helps you accept various digital payments.

Simply provide a Cashlez Reader that is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, all transactions from the customer’s credit / debit card can be accepted. All proof of transactions will be provided in real time so you can access them anytime and anywhere.
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