JAKARTA, 27 December 2021 - The #BahuMembahu collaboration between Cashlez and ACT which also invited Cashlez merchants to raise funds of 20 million 8 thousand rupiahs to help victims of the Mount Semeru eruption in East Java Province. This assistance has been distributed through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in the form of 60 food packages for 60 heads of families (KK) or 300 survivors in the Sumberwuluh Village Refuge, Kec. Candipuro Kab. Lumajang.


President Director of Cashlez, Suwandi said, "We express our deep sympathy to the victims of the Mount Semeru eruption disaster. Companies together with merchants show high solidarity by taking part in the #BahuMebahu donation program to alleviate the suffering of the victims of the eruption disaster. It felt so happy to see their smiles when the ACT team distributed aid. Hopefully this assistance can ease the burden on the survivors who are still in evacuation."


For information, the natural disaster of the eruption of Mount Semeru occurred on December 4 2021, where at least 50 people died, 9 people were declared missing, injured more than 100 people and forced 10,400 people to flee.


Responding to Cashlez’s donation, Mukhti, Vice President of ACT also expressed his gratitude for the support given.


"We thank Cashlez for the support provided through channeling donations to ACT to alleviate the suffering of the victims of the eruption disaster in East Java. This donation has been channeled responsively through our field team in the form of food packages consisting of rice, cooking oil, sardines, sugar, tea bags, sweet soy sauce, salt, flour. We hope that this donation can be a blessing, both for the victims and for Cashlez and the merchants who have contributed," concluded Mukhti.

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