Regardless of the role that we are in life everyday, we all want to be the person who can contribute, both to people and the environment. To make it happen, we can do a variety of things, such as participating in the activities of volunteers in the field that we are interested. One of the Cashlez Merchants, namely Sekolah Relawan, can be the right reference for those of you who want to develop yourself in the volunteering field.


Enthusiasm for Volunteer Activities in Indonesia 

Through the online interview, Thea Rahmani, Corporate Secretary, Sekolah Relawan explained that actually, Indonesian people have big interest in volunteering. It is concluded from the data Charities Aid Foundation London in 2018 explained that Indonesia is included as one of the countries that have a high generosity level in the world. Interestingly, the data is supported by the fact that Indonesia became the first rank of the citizens that are willing to spend some time in voluntarism activity.


Early Establishment of Sekolah Relawan


Established on January 13, 2013, the Sekolah Relawan focuses on programs on Sekolah Relawan, social humanity, community empowerment, and advocacy. This social humanitarian organization was initiated by Bayu Gawtama, Dony Aryanto, and Roel Mustafa. Previously, Bayu Gawtama and Dony Aryanto have been experienced for more than 20 years in the volunteerism, social, and humanitarian activities. Meanwhile, before meeting with Bayu & Dony, Roel Mustafa was a businessman. He then became interested in social humanity and founded the Sekolah Relawan with his two colleagues.


When it has been established, Sekolah Relawan firstly focuses on program improvement of the capacity of a volunteer who carried out via publication on the blog. Session sharing is getting a lot of interest so that finally, the third founder of the school of volunteers began opening a seminar of volunteerism that is known by the "Volunteers Orientation." Through this activity, the volunteers can learn the basics and principles in doing activities of volunteerism.


Who can join in School Volunteer?


Regardless of who we are, we can join and join the training which was held Sekolah Relawan, particularly on programs of social humanity that charity, aka provide assistance as directly to people in need. Most importantly, before being directly involved in humanitarian activities, a volunteer already understands the basics of volunteering.


For volunteers of disaster prevention, the prospective volunteers are expected to already have the skills, such as that obtained through the training of Sekolah Relawan, namely Disaster Leadership Training. Besides that, the prospective volunteers in the field of disaster also can show evidence of experience through certification specifically that it takes on the location of the disaster, for example, as a medical or psychosocial team.


Besides that, the prospective volunteers also can be a society companion volunteer or who is well known as a facilitator. The prospective volunteer is to first advance following the Community Development Facilitator Training or Academy Community archipelago held by Sekolah Relawan. In addition, volunteer candidates who want to become facilitators also need to understand community mentoring techniques. 


The importance of attending training before doing volunteer activities

If we pay attention to the previous review, to become a volunteer, we are expected to already have experience through related trainings. So, how important is training for volunteer candidate ?


According to Thea, enthusiasm to become a volunteer is a thing which is very worth valued, for example, only when the Sekolah Relawan organize activities to cope with the disaster, there are many prospective volunteers who offer themselves to contribute. However, the enthusiasm itself also needs to be supported by the knowledge and skills that the volunteers are able to perform its role as a professional. 


"To be a volunteer is not enough if only the capital of the spirit , the volunteers also have to understand the science of voluntary, knowing and agitated with the problems, and have a willingness to contribute in order to be able to provide solutions," said Thea.


Adaptation of Sekolah Relawan during the Covid-19 Pandemic 

As an institution of social that do many direct interactions with the public, the Volunteers created many adaptations to keep safe & health. Team Sekolah Relawan implements protocols health when do their programs. Besides that, the Sekolah Relawan also innovates their programs based on the needs of the community during a pandemic so people still can get benefits from Sekolah Relawan.


One of the program innovations launched by the Sekolah Relawan is the Mobile WiFi program. The program is created as a solution to help students Indonesia gain access to the internet in the need to learn everyday. As we know, learning is online enacted during a pandemic is not yet effective, especially for the students whose family may not be able to provide have gadget or packet data. 


Utilization of non-cash payment solutions of Sekolah Relawan


As Cashlez partner, Sekolah Relawan use various non-cash payment solutions to make it easier for partners to donate and support Sekolah Relawan’s programs. In addition, the noncash transactions expand the network of donations were made by the School Volunteer. This institution has known Cashlez from its partner that already uses Cashlez as integrated business solution.


In 2021, Sekolah Relawan will continue to develop programs that bring many benefits for Indonesian People. Sekolah Relawan also expects the willingness of society to coordinate and contribute for the better society.
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