Life is seen in many ways depends on what lens we use. In general, how do you describe it? Do you consider your life as something positive or rather negative? We can keep the answer on our own since it is not easy to define or judge it. However, no matter what happens in our life, whether that is good or not, the show must go on, mustn’t it?

To perform well on the show, we should keep practicing and getting insights from the others. This time, M. Surya Luckmanna – often called as Surya will show his perspective about living a joy and meaningful life. Despite of his cheerful spirit and appearance, this Cashlez’ Business Development Executive admits that some things can still bring him down. It may ruin the day, but he realizes that having mood swing is normal. That is temporary, therefore you should know how to deal with it.

In order to recharge the mind, Surya chooses to stay positive, work hard, and create efforts so that he will be able to catch the goal. To him, finishing the daily tasks is one of some ways to boost his mood. Considering a workplace that fits his trait, Surya was looking for the opportunity in a highly growing start up company. During the first interview, he did an observation by looking at the people and the circumstances there.

His plan to join there became stronger after he learnt more about the products that are relevant to today’s change, namely non cash transaction. As soon as the recruitment team informed him about the offer, he thought that, from that day, he shall focus to take this opportunity effectively.

How is it going? Many unexpected things happen, but those are his favourite part working in this company. That comes as no surprise since this is the first time having an adventure in a highly growing start-up like Cashlez. The fast pace of Indonesian startups should be considered as a challenge.

To do well, Surya believes that every team member should be aware of the elements that can be improved. So, the key is working hard in order to increase the company’s value. Of course, one should not be alone while reaching the top, so does Surya. In his opinion, working with the colleagues, whether they’re from the same or different department will enable you to get positive vibes.

“You may find problems in your daily tasks, but you can discuss and solve them together, in a team. This will also helps you get inspired and see from several perspectives so that your creativity will be improved,” said Surya.

To stay on track, Surya has his own principles. One should always being honest, discipline, curious in learning. Those traits helps us to get on the right track and select which strategy should we use to reach the target. This doesn’t mean that you have to be serious all the time. Surya’s colleagues said that he is a humble and witty person. Even if you’re not from BDE Team, having a chit chat with him will always something you will wait for.

So, getting a joyful life is not only about knowing what you want, but also how to get it. Surya reminds us that, focusing on the progress is more important than the goal itself. As long as we alive, there will always something changes and those progress will produces our fortunes.

Successfulness is measured not by what you achieve or have, but rather how mature you think, speak, and react to a problem. As a human being, we surely need financial support, but our achievements are more about that.

The hard working Surya is not only talented in providing payment solutions for merchants, but also in soccer, music instruments, and of course singing. Here is his awesome voice in Cashlez Jingle that was sung with our Recruitment and People Development fella, Silvia Katharina.

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