When running a business, you need guidelines as a reference to reach the target. You can make these guidelines through SOP, which is Standard Operating Procedure. Without an SOP, you will find it difficult to do various things, from finding a vendor, serving customers, to managing the flow of funds at the place of business. So, the work will finish faster and produce satisfying targets. Not only that, SOP is also useful to avoid miscommunication between you and the staff. So, what is the proper way to make SOP? Check out the following review!

1. Who is involved?
In each division of tasks, you need to determine who is responsible for completing the task. For example, you entrust two staff to take care of the bookkeeping and serve the buyer. Meanwhile, to order goods from suppliers, you rely on yourself and your business partners.

2. Determine the service process
After you determine the division of tasks, then now is the time to think about what the service process will be like. For example, if there is a purchase, you or your staff can ask the customer, by what method they want to make payment. Because there are various types of non-cash payments, you can provide Cashlez which accepts various payments via debit / credit cards and digital payments.

3. Record data in detail
To be able to run effectively, you need to collect all important documents, ranging from sales, returns, invoices, and other types of documents. Also add numbers or letter codes for easy searching. Then, each document needs to be signed to avoid the risk of data leakage.

4. Prepare and review the flowchart
A flowchart will make it easier for you to see the relationship between one division and another. So, in an activity, there will be a party that is responsible overall, performs tasks according to the direction, prepares the documents needed, and prepares a solution in the event of unexpected things. If you feel that your flowchart is not effective, you can certainly review and change it.

5. Trial SOP
You who have improved the SOP in accordance with the input from staff and partners can immediately try it. This is important before you set the SOP for certain. The reason is, an ineffective SOP will hamper all your business matters.

6. Establish SOP
The appropriate SOPs you can set and apply to increase your productivity in the business. In implementing SOP, you still have to supervise and make sure the SOP is running accordingly.

Managing a business does make you learn a lot and deal with various matters. However, you can solve all these affairs in a smart way.


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