JAKARTA, January 20 2023 - Payment gateway issuer, PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk ("Company"), in commemoration of the Company’s 8th anniversary, Cashlez held the "Cashlez Berbagi" event which was attended by Directors and employees of the Company by sharing happiness with 58 orphans at the Griya Asih Orphanage Foundation, located in Central Jakarta.


Besides being part of a series of agendas for the Company’s 8th (eighth) Anniversary, this activity is a form of social and environmental responsibility through real action for the community or known as the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Symbolically, Mr. Hendrik Adrianto, Director of the Company, handed over compensation for orphans to Mr. Alex Josh as Chair of the Griya Asih Orphanage Foundation who was also accompanied by children from the Orphanage. The donation is in the form of cash for the needs of the Griya Asih Orphanage. Donations come from contributions from employees, the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners of the Company, which are multiplied by the Company’s CSR Fund.


Mr. Hendrik Adrianto explained that this agenda is a form of gratitude for the Company at this time, Cahslez is still given the opportunity and ability to share with those who need our help. "Hopefully our good intentions through today’s event will be blessed by God Almighty and hopefully in the future the Company can spread more kindness to the environment and surrounding communities," said Mr. Hendrik Adrianto closing his statement.

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