The culinary business is indeed one of the most sought after business opportunities. Moreover, as reported by, the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani said that the culinary industry made the biggest contribution to the development of the creative economy.


Of course, as a culinary business person, you must also recognize the potential and opportunities that you can develop in your business. One of the important things that you must pay attention to so that your business continues to exist is to follow the existing trends.


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Why do you have to follow trends?

When you want to make your business more known and attract potential customers, then you also have to find out the trends about the culinary business that you are running. In business, a trend can be created or followed, but one thing is for sure, you have to do one of the two. Thus, these trends will help you to:


1. Make better predictions

Business actors do have to make predictions as a consideration when they want to prepare a business strategy. However, these predictions are not made based on personal opinion, but based on current trends. To make predictions, you can start asking questions such as what products or services are currently favored by customers.


2. Become a leader and bring new trends

Following business trends will help you to become more professional. You see, when you understand a trend, of course you will learn from the business trend, for example, like the current beverage business trend. It’s not impossible, in the future you can present the latest contemporary drink recipes that will also be popular.


3. Presenting interesting business ideas

Have you ever felt confused about what to do to make your culinary business more advanced? If you are in this situation, try to see references to the types of foods and drinks that are being loved a lot. That way, you can develop new ideas.


4. Knowing what you have to develop

It is undeniable, the culinary business will always grow. Therefore, you need to leave things that are no longer relevant today. For example, if you have only opened an offline business, now you can also sell food in frozen form or through the delivery system.


5. Understanding customers

Customers have a very important role to support the progress of your business. So, of course you have to understand what customers want if you want to maximize your business. The good news is, to find out what things are needed and sought by customers, you can find out based on emerging trends.


Does following the trend mean having to change the product?

Perhaps, many think that culinary businesses that follow trends are businesses that serve foods that become trends. However, this assumption is not correct. Trends are not only based on products, but also how you run your business while providing maximum service to customers.


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As we know, the trend of buying online and using non-cash payments is increasingly popular. Well, if you follow customer trends, you can increase sales. Moreover, there is a multi-payment feature in the Cashlez Application that can accept transactions from payment links, QR-based payments, and virtual accounts!


Trends in the culinary business can help you grow. And of course, these trends include not only products, but also service systems and business management that you apply!

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