Making the business run more and more is the dream of every business owner. And to make that happen, you need to prioritize the customer, as in the phrase “the customer is king.” Yup, basically, customer satisfaction is the main key to the success of a business.

Of course, the right strategy is needed so that you can provide a memorable shopping experience for customers. Now, to determine strategies to win the hearts of customers, you need to optimize customer relations and customer experience. So, what’s the difference between the two? Find out in the following explanation!


What is customer relations?


Customer relations is a process carried out by business people to approach customers while building long-term relationships. Meanwhile, customer relations can be done in various ways, from helping customers to obtain their daily needs to establishing policies that increase customer satisfaction. By implementing the right customer relations, the business you run can have a variety of positive impacts, such as good relationships with customers and customer loyalty.

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How to implement customer relations?


Although it can be done in various ways, you may feel confused at first to determine which customer relations strategy is the right one. Moreover, each customer also has different tendencies. The following methods can be a reference for you.


1. Show appreciation for customers


Even if it’s just a simple moment, showing appreciation for your customers can be one of the tricks that can help you maintain a good relationship with your customers. So instead of focusing on increasing customer loyalty, you need to deliver a memorable shopping experience. This will make customers more loyal to the business you run.

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2. Always there for customers


What is also important for you to pay attention to in improving customer relationships is access to the services and products that you provide. Remember, your relationship with customers will not end after they transact. In fact, their experience using your product will also be very influential. Make sure you and your team are always ready to help customers who have problems or need additional information.


3. Applications that improve business performance


To provide maximum service to customers, you need to take advantage of applications that can improve business performance. Through the payment gateway service from the Cashlez Application, which accepts various types of payments, business owners can easily accept payment transactions from customers. Moreover, Cashlez has been equipped with a sales dashboard that records transactions automatically.


4. Willingness to follow customer expectations.


To keep customers loyal, you need more than just improving the quality of your products and services. You see, if these products and services do not match customer expectations, then you will find it difficult to attract their attention. So, make sure to always understand what kind of products and services your customers need and want.


What is customer experience?


Although often considered the same as customer relations, customer experience actually refers to all interactions that a business has with its customers so that in the end a relationship between the brand and the customer is built. Because it focuses on interaction, potential customers who have not made transactions but have asked about your products and services can also be categorized in customer experience. Meanwhile, the experience that customers get will affect the way they view your product.


How to improve customer experience?

To improve customer experience, you can do several tips, such as:

1. Create a brand content strategy


In order for potential customers and customers to be impressed with your brand, then you need to prepare the right content strategy. These contents can be of various types, such as general information, promotions, or entertainment. In addition, you can also prepare content containing specific information that will help customers understand your business products and services.


2. Personalize


One of the tricks that will improve the customer’s shopping experience is the use of personalization. For example, you provide product recommendations that are suitable for customers based on their previous purchase history. Apart from that, you can also customize the campaigns you want to run according to customer preferences.


3. Deliver multichannel services


In today’s digital era, you can’t rely on just one way to keep your customers satisfied. Take advantage of other channels too so they can easily interact with you. For example, you can provide customer service via email, WhatsApp, or social media.


4. Don’t let customers wait


Waiting is the most boring thing, right? Especially for your customers who want to shop practically so they can resume their activities. Therefore, make sure you provide the Cashlez App that accepts various payments. Without having to wait long, you and your customers can transact comfortably and safely!


Both customer relations and customer experience play an important role in increasing customer satisfaction. Have you maximized both in your business?


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