Do you know? In 2020, customer experience or customer experience is expected to become more important, both compared to the price and the products you sell. However, this does not mean you can ignore the quality of the product that you sell. So in addition to thinking about product quality, you also need to pay attention to your customer satisfaction because it has become a benchmark in business competition. Then, then you can begin to combine the two aspects, namely high quality products and a good customer experience.
Previously, competition between business people was usually done by offering low prices, but with promising quality. But at this time, these two things are no longer enough. Whether or not the business you are running is highly dependent on your customers. So if you are only profit oriented but still don’t prioritize the customers, then your efforts will not mean big.

Customer experience can be seen through the interactions they have done at your store. It might seem very simple. However, creating a satisfying customer experience is not an easy thing to do. So as a business owner, you need to understand how important the customer experience is and what things you can do to improve the customer experience in your place.
Unfortunately, there are business actors who still have false assumptions about how they create customer experience. Reporting from, 80% of businesses think that they have provided the best service for their customers. In fact, based on the same survey, only 8% of customers agreed to the question. This is certainly worse than not having tactics to improve customer experience.
So, what makes a customer experience important? Today, business has undergone a transformation, where business no longer depends on activity, but experience. Because the experience of your customers is the main reason why they keep visiting your store. So what are you waiting for? This is the right time for you to start focusing on developing quality service. Start with simple things like making sure your customers always get proof of transactions every transaction. Through the Cashlez application, you can send proof of the transaction directly via e-mail or SMS to your customers.
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