There are many ways to describe what it means to be a mother. Besides giving birth to a child, the role of mother is much more than taking care of the family, especially when a mom is also a full time employee. However, it is still hotly debated whether a mom should go to work or not in order to completely watch the development milestones of her children.


While a full timer mom could experience dilemmas between her professional and personal life, the way others think also causes some myths about employed moms. As a working mom, Tisna Ayu Oktavianty, the Corporate Secretary Manager of Cashlez, debunked 4 most common myths she often finds in everyday life.


Myth 1: You won’t be able to find your “Me Time” anymore

Everyone on this planet is given the same amount of time, precisely 24 hours a day. Whether you work, take care of your child, or do both, what really matters is how you manage your day to day tasks efficiently. It is normal to feel stressed or even overwhelmed, but you have to make sure that you can find ways to solve it. For Tisna, the boredom she experienced can simply be overcomed by doing window shopping or having a chit chat during the lunch time with other Cashlezians. Even if those are quite short, the quality of the time will recharge and refresh her well being.


Myth 2: You pay less attention to your children

It is true that a full timer mom needs help from others, such as her parents or the child care giver to be with her children when she goes to work. However, the duration of a mom’s presence doesn’t resemble the affection and love she has. To make the children feel assured that they are loved, Tisna will spend some time before and after office time. She also keeps updated about her kids’ daily activities. Usually, she optimizes the weekends to spend time with her family.


Myth 3: Your career won’t be progressed as much as the others

Have you ever wondered why some people assume this? Is there any correlation between your skills and your responsibilities as a mother? Tisna herself proves to us how her career develops as she also starts the motherhood journey. After graduating from the college, she joined an officer development program in a bank and after that she continued to work as a corporate secretary in 2015. Previously, she was in an officer level and then her career progressed as she was promoted to become a supervisor and after that a junior manager before she joined Cashlez, which at that time was still preparing itself to be a public company.


Myth 4: Working mom is better than stay at home mom

Both working and non working moms are great. They are the hero, inspiration, and also precious gift for their families. We can’t compare a mom with the others as everyone has their own struggles. Tisna mentioned that this is not in a black and white area, just like when she was asked whether the work from home policy is a blessing or a curse. She answered clearly that both are correct as she is able to take care of all family members, but also needs to be prepared when the distractions come.


The role of a working mom is not something we should take for granted. Regardless of what motivation drives the decision to work, there are always efforts and willingness a working mom spreads to keep inspiring her surroundings. Cheers to all moms in the world!


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