Learning is not a goal, but a process. When you learn something, of course you will gain knowledge, both in the form of things you have heard before and things that are new to you. So, even though you have completed formal education, it doesn’t mean you stop expanding your horizons. Well, one way you can do to continue to grow is through non-formal learning.


Formal and informal learning, what’s the difference?

Formal learning refers to an education system that is structured and can be delivered online, directly (face to face) or a mixture of both. This learning system will be arranged based on the target to be achieved. In addition, the learning outcomes will also be evaluated.

Meanwhile, non-formal learning actually makes you more flexible. You see, learners can be more free to choose which material to be studied. These choices are influenced by various factors, such as interests, needs, and trends. The speed in non-formal learning will also be adjusted to each participant.

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5 advantages of doing non-formal learning


Non-formal education can be a way for you to get used to being committed to what you have set. Meanwhile, the training you get informally can provide you with other benefits, such as:


1. Expand the network


Regardless of what type of work you are in, having a broad network will help you to grow. The good news is, you can expand your network through the non-formal learning process that you use. This will open up new opportunities for you. Moreover, the people you know through this learning process usually also have the same interests as you.

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2. Adapting to changes


Nothing is permanent. That is why, one must be able to adapt to the changes that exist. Nonformal learning processes such as webinars and training can be one of the right solutions for you to adapt your skills to today’s trends. And, also make sure to keep abreast of developments in the industry you are in.


3. Make yourself more motivated


It turns out, the learning you do informally doesn’t only affect you from a professional side, but also from a personal side. You see, when you learn new knowledge and skills, you will be more motivated to produce other achievements.


4. Invest in yourself


Learning through non-formal trainings is not just an opportunity to learn, but also a way to invest in yourself. Moreover, what you learn may not immediately benefit you. However, over time, these skills can be very helpful for you.


5. Increase knowledge and skills


Regardless of what skill you have, you need to practice it constantly. If not, of course your abilities will decrease. Through the non-formal learning that you get, of course you can not only improve the skills you have, but also help the business you set up and the organization you join to stay optimal.


Learning opportunities that you can get


The rapid development of information technology is one of the advantages that make it easier for us to access non-formal learning. In addition, there are various opportunities that you can try to increase your knowledge. Let’s see some examples below!


1. Private tutor


If you want to learn new things or deepen your skills, of course you can learn from experienced people. Therefore, the role of the tutor is very helpful for you to master the learning materials. In addition, the tutor will direct you to focus on the things you need to master. In the tutoring process, you can practice and get an evaluation from the tutor.


2. Books


You don’t have time to follow the learning process for a long time? If so, maybe self-study through books is the right solution for you. Although you can read the material in the book yourself, you can ask your friends for recommendations for suitable books.


3. Podcasts


Apart from books, podcasts can also be a medium that you can optimize to deepen your knowledge. The duration of the podcast also varies so you can adjust it to your free time, ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. There is a wide selection of podcast topics available, ranging from health, education, finance, and so on.


4. Luarsekolah


As a forum that provides a variety of non-formal courses, Luarsekolah is the right choice for you to learn skills outside of formal education. Here, you can choose online or offline courses according to your preferences. Currently, there are more than 850,000 Luarsekolah members learning from instructors and experts. If you are a business person, you can take courses such as Applying Makeup Techniques to Become a Makeup Artist, Learning to Build a Business to Become a Store Owner or Learning to Create a Business Plan for a Store Owner.


Even though you have completed formal education, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to study anymore. Instead, you will learn while increasing the experience you have. So, do you have a plan to increase your knowledge through non-formal training?

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