The rapid technological advances that have occured have made many changes in our lives. In addition, this change also changes the way we use money. In the past, we had to provide cash to buy the goods and services we buy. So the more money we have to pay, the more cash we have to carry. But now, with the digital financial system, can we just pay money? So, between digital transactions and conventional transactions, which one should we use? Find out the answer through the facts of conventional transactions and non-cash transactions below!

1. Cash and non-cash money as payment tools
If you trade in the conventional way, you will use cash, both paper money and coins as a means of payment. However, not all cash can be received. If your money is torn or disintegrated, then it will be difficult to accept. This is completely different to digital transactions which don’t have such risks like counterfeiting as well as broken. Different from cash which only consists of coins and paper money, digital payment media vary from digital wallets, mobile banking, to internet banking.

2. How to do digital and conventional transactions
When you are serving buyers who pay with cash, then you will need to calculate the nominal money they pay. In addition, you also have to scan the money by using ultra violet lights. Of course, this takes more time than digital payments whichcan be processed briefly. If you use Cashlez, you can also accept remote payments, via Cashlez Link. You just need to ask the customer to open the link that had already been sent to them.

3. What types of payment are easier to monitor?
Have you ever questioned yourself because you spent money without realizing it? It seems, yesterday you still have funds, but now these funds no longer exist. This is natural. If you use cash, you have to take the transaction yourself. Meanwhile, when you choose to transact digitally, all transactions that you can can be recorded on a complete financial system. If you use a digital payment tool Cashlez, all incoming transactions can be immediately submitted to your account one day after the sales.

So far, the majority of financial system is still using cash. But in the future, the whole community must be ready to change to digital transactions, considering that the government has also launched GNNT since 2014.
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