In business, digital transformation is a process for utilizing technology. This transformation can take the form of an innovation or modification in the business process and customer habits. If in the past the process of selling, customer service, and marketing was done traditionally, now now with digital transformation, all three can be carried out with the help of technology.

In the past, the use of technology might only focus on large-scale businesses, for example such as the use of cashiers found in supermarkets and department stores. However, now advances in technology in doing business are also needed by the SMEs.

The faster a micro-go digital business person is, the easier it will be to manage their business. Compared to recording one by one transaction, of course relying on the help of machines and applications will save more time. So they can have extra time to take care of the others.

Today, every business owner must be smart in planning, thinking about and managing his store. In addition, they must also remain flexible, in accordance with existing conditions and ready to continue to grow. Because basically, digital transformation will change the way business people manage businesses. These changes can occur in several aspects or occur as a whole.

The existence of digital transformation makes businesses change their systems, starting from internal and standard systems to interact with customers, both face-to-face and online. This change is certainly made so that they can make better decisions, manage businesses more efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction.

At, Marc Benioff states that every digital transformation will always be in contact with customers. So before finding out what transformation you will do and how to implement it, you must first understand how to improve your business image in the eyes of customers.

As now, there are applications and machines that can support business activities. You can rely on Cashlez which is equipped with cloud-based mPOS features and integrated payment systems that can accept various credit / debit cards and digital payments. In addition, there is also a sales report feature that records transactions in real time. You also don’t need to pay monthly fees when you become a Cashlez Merchant.

Digital transformation is not a change that will determine the progress of a business. Instead, you can make it an opportunity to expand your business network.

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