The line as a business owner has indeed become one of the most awaited things. However, when you have started a business, sometimes you have to face challenges. These problems can be caused by internal factors or caused by external factors.


One of the problems that business owners often experience is feeling overwhelmed when managing their business. You see, in addition to making sales, business owners also need to do many other things, starting from presenting product innovations, sales promotions, and business funds. So, so that you can overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and become a free businessman, make sure to do the following 6 things!


1. Prioritize


Creating a to-do list will indeed help you to manage your business effectively. However, you also need to understand that as a business owner, your list will never end. So instead of managing your business based on a list of jobs that you have made, it would be better if you could make a priority list, which is to determine which ones are important and must be done and which ones you can do later.

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2. Separate personal money


Have you ever thought that the more money you have, the easier it will be for you to manage your business? Actually, this opinion is right because your business finances will be greatly influenced by how you manage finances. To avoid financial problems in business, you can separate between personal money and money allocated for business.


3.Use advances in technology


Along with the rapid development of technology, you can use it to save time. For example, if you first have to do a manual recapitulation of income at your place of business, now you can practically combine the sales report features available on Cashlez. The time you previously used to record income can now be used for other purposes, such as meeting with partners, holding events, and so on.


4. Focus on the process


A business owner usually does have a vision and goal that is constantly committed to doing business. However, when you run a business, make sure not to focus too much on the results, but on the process you are running. That way, your efforts will give satisfactory results.

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5. Create boundaries


Of course, someone who starts his own business will certainly love the business he runs. However, regardless of how much interest you have, you should still set boundaries so you don’t get overwhelmed with time management. This limit can be given when you are resting. During this time, you don’t have to respond to or attend to business needs.


6. Training


The more proficient and experienced, the easier it is for someone to run a business. Therefore, do not hesitate to conduct training for the staff you employ. These exercises can vary, ranging from how to manage product stock, receiving non-cash payments from the Cashlez Application, to producing the goods you sell. The skills they have will make them more independent and trusted to complete the tasks given.


Feeling overwhelmed when managing a business is one of the most common problems that business owners often face. Although you cannot avoid this situation, you can make efforts so that you can manage your business more flexibly. Remember, if you don’t run the business, who else?

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