Are you currently planning to build a brand reputation? Basically, brand reputation is needed, both for start-up businesses and large companies that want to reach a wider audience. Well, one effective way that you can do is through brand collaboration, aka working with other brands to present service and product innovations.

However, to create a successful brand collaboration, you also need to make sure that the collaboration runs smoothly. So, choose a suitable and professional brand partner so that you and the partner can help each other to achieve the target of cooperation. Of course, even smooth collaboration will help you to expand

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So, what does brand collaboration mean?

Well, before we discuss the tips for running brand collaboration, make sure we first understand what brand collaboration looks like. So, this marketing strategy refers to one, two, or several brands or influencers that aim to accrue certain products or services. Through brand collaboration, it is hoped that business actors can make target customers more interested.


How to run effective brand collaboration?

Well, so that the collaboration plan between you and your partner can run smoothly, of course there are several things that need to be done. Come on, check out these 7 tips for running a brand collaboration!

1. Plan your campaign in advance

Before you collaborate, you must first plan what campaign you are going to hold. Because through careful preparation, you can better attract the attention of the target audience. At the preparation stage, first determine who the partner you want to work with and whether the partner provides a product or service. After determining this, it will be easier for you to find a suitable partner.

2. Select your potential partner

You might find a brand or influencer that looks like it has the potential to increase your brand reputation. Also, you might be interested in their popularity on social media. However, you need to know that brand collaboration is more than just popularity. So, make sure you are selective in determining who the potential partners are according to your target audience. And most importantly, make sure that the partner has never worked with competitors.

3. Prepare clear contracts and terms

Another important thing that you should not miss when doing brand collaboration is to work consistently. So, so that you and your partner can understand and carry out each other’s responsibilities, prepare an agreement and terms of cooperation. Each party must also understand the agreement in detail so that the cooperation can be established naturally.

4. Set the collaboration timeline

One of the keys to the success of brand collaboration is adjusting the collaboration timeline. Because as we know, a brand certainly has various other campaigns, not just campaigns that will be run with your brand only. So, respect your partner’s time and make an agreement about when to create a collaboration.

5. Be a flexible partner

The year 2020 certainly taught business people to be more flexible, including also for collaboration between brands. If the collaboration time is not right, it’s better for you and your brand partner to postpone your plans first. You see, if forced, the results will actually not be satisfactory.

6. Personalize

In today’s era, your audience also wants to know more about the story behind brand collaboration. So, don’t hesitate to hold virtual events such as through Facebook Live or IG Live to share stories about your business and your partner’s business. This step also helps you to rearrange the marketing strategies that previously existed on social media channels.

7. Share the latest information

We all want to grow and learn, and so does your audience. Through events such as webinars, work with partners to provide training or materials for the audience. Retail business actors who focus on home furnishings products, for example, can provide inspiration on how to arrange home furnishings or choose the appropriate paint color.


To be successful in running a brand collaboration, you need to prepare carefully. And of course, always keep in touch with your partner!
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