The business will certainly develop according to the needs and lifestyles of the surrounding community. Therefore, it can be said that people’s lifestyles have an important role and will affect market demand and the progress of a business from time to time. If as business people we are not sensitive to existing changes, we will find it difficult to open new opportunities for our business. Whereas in the early 2020’s, it is fitting for us to develop an existing business plan.

Based on research conducted by the Word Devil Firm, business development in the years
2020 is expected to be more advanced, especially if we run an e-commerce based business. This type of business is done using an internet connection so that it gets massive target consumers. Based on the concept, e-commerce is divided into three types, namely C2C, B2B, and B2C, with an explanation of the three!

1. Customer to Customer (C2C)
Customer to Customer becomes e-commerce that involves all online transactions of goods or services between consumers. Hence, transactions on e-commerce always involve third parties who are providers of these online platforms. Before the item selected by the customer is sent, usually a third party alias C2C e-commerce will first ask for verification of the purchase. After that, then the goods can be sent to consumers.

2. Business-to-Business (B2B)
E-commerce, including B2B, is e-commerce that provides goods or services and the transaction process is carried out between businesses and companies. Usually, e-commerce involves producers and traditional traders. When conducting transactions, B2B e-commerce uses Electronic Data Interchange and e-mail to process the purchase of goods and services, consultation, shipping, offers, and information about available products.

3. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
B2C becomes e-commerce that engages companies with end customers, so B2C will be compatible with retail from e-commerce that is operated from the traditional retail buying and selling process. This type of B2C e-commerce is dynamic because it can develop quickly, especially with the support of websites and virtual shops. In fact, there are online malls that provide all the needs of consumers.

E-commerce business which is predicted to increase rapidly in 2020 has great potential for business people. Simplify the payment process in your e-commerce by using the Cashlez Link feature of the Cashlez Application so customers can make virtual payments easily and safely!

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