It’s only natural for a business owner to pay attention to customers. Even if the customer gives criticism, business actors must continue to appreciate because of the criticism that they can learn and fix things that are still wrong in their business. Well, are you including a business actor who values customers? Find out the answer by looking at the following 4 indicators!


  1. Approaching customers without disturbing privacy

Even though it isn’t shown, customers are certainly more happy if they can talk a lot with you, not just when shopping. This can be done by providing a variety of communication media, ranging from automatic email response features and telephone numbers they can call. Remember, you can also use social media like Facebook and Instagram to get to know customers better.

  1. Always there for customers

Professional business people will always try to be contacted anytime when customers need it. Even though you are engaged in businesses that require face to face such as cafes, you can still provide special services for customers who want to ask questions or convey something to you.

  1. Can adjust to customer needs

If you want to be a business actor focused on customer satisfaction, then you have to understand and provide the things that your customers need. This makes them more loyal. They realize that everything they get is a form of appreciation from you as a business actor.

  1. Creating a community

Another way you can respect customers is to treat them the way you treat important people in a community. In this case, you can gather your customers, for example by holding a webminar or question and answer session on social media.

Getting closer to the customer can indeed be done in various ways, but as a smart business actor, you have to choose which method is effective and appropriate. That way, customers can feel more valued. Of the four things above, which have you never done?
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