The entrepreneur sector has various types, one of which is sociopreneurs. Someone referred to as sociopreneur are those who not only have a gut to do business, but also a social need to help others. Hence, the focus of a sociopreneur’s business is to empower the community. The entrepreneurs in the social field realize their ideas so that they are expected to be a solution to overcome the problems of society.

Collaboration between the community and sociopreneurs
As an entrepreneur, sociopreneurs also need to have an unyielding attitude and want to keep on trying. Because through the ideas they apply, a significant change can occur in the environment and society. Even though he can initiate the business ideas of sociopreneurship alone or together with his fellow business owners, a sociopreneur also still needs the role of the community to jointly produce the solution.

Preparations that must be done by a sociopreneur
After understanding that to run a business, a sociopreneur also needs the role of the community, it is time to know the strategies that must be prepared by a sociopreneur. Because without coupled with proper preparations, the noble mission of a sociopreneur to make people’s lives better will be difficult to realize.

1. Make sure your basic needs are fulfilled
Before the sociopreneur implements his idea of doing business and providing benefits to the community, he must first ensure that his personal needs are fulfilled first. If not ready, then it is better to postpone the plan to run this business until the financial condition is more stable. Remember, delaying a business plan does not mean someone is inconsistent. Instead, it can measure his ability to be aware of the situations so that all plans are carried out at the right time.

2. Join the sociopreneur community
When someone sets up a business, he should not only focus on his ideas. There are many people who can become partners to share knowledge and experience. So, a sociopreneur who wants to succeed should also start to join the sociopreneur community so that his network becomes wider. The community will usually hold events in the form of seminars, workshops, and other training that are useful for understanding business strategies as well as empowering the community.

3. Applying social values
As an individual, every sociopreneur certainly has different ideas so as to produce their own privileges. However, there are also values that must be applied by a sociopreneur, namely:

a. Sincere intention
As we know, starting a profession as a business actor is not easy because we have to do various preparations and be accustomed to making decisions. Similarly, when we want to be a sociopreneur who must balance between business and community progress. Therefore, before starting a business based on social interests, a person must first convince himself that what he does is not only for his own sake, but also for the common good.

b. Define the goals clearly
Like businesses in general, businesses run by sociopreneurs must also have clear objectives. This will help him make priorities in making decisions. In addition, clear objectives will also make it easier for businesses to develop their businesses. Of course, as a sociopreneur the goal to be prepared is to solve problems that have been troubling the community.

c. Get accustomed to facing various challenges
A sociopreneur should have a strong mentality so that he is accustomed to facing various challenges. Moreover, these challenges not only arise from the outside, but also from within yourself. He must be able to prioritize mutual benefits over profits for himself. Therefore, it is important for a sociopreneur to have integrity.

Engaging in the field of sociopreneurship is an opportunity that must be fought for. Not everyone can be sensitive and motivated to help advance society. Come on, start growing the soul of sociopreneur in each of you and are determined to contribute to others!

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