Even though we haven’t entered the month of Ramadan, many of us have made preparations to enjoy this special moment. Because in addition to being an opportunity to train religiosity, those of us who are entrepreneurs can also optimize the Fasting Month to improve the quality of the products and services we offer. In addition, to prepare for Eid, of course, we will need more costs than daily expenses. So, so that cuan can increase, there’s nothing wrong with trying out some of the business opportunities that have become a trend until now!


1. Catering

Have a talent for cooking but haven’t been fully utilized? This is the time for you to start exploring a business in the culinary. This business opportunity is quite promising, because there are many people who are busy so they don’t have time to prepare a meal and break the fast. Therefore, try to offer catering services for a certain period of time, for example one week, two weeks, or a full month. Also provide a variety of catering menus every day.


2. Equipment of Worship

During the fasting month, the intensity of worship will increase. This of course also has an effect on increasing market demand for worship equipment, ranging from koko clothes, caps, prayer beads, to the Koran. We can optimize this situation by opening to become a dropshipper or reseller of worship equipment. Create a special online store to make it easier for customers when placing orders.


3. Takjil

Towards breaking the fast, we will certainly look for menus that are suitable for breaking the fast, ranging from fruit ice, compote, to various fried foods. Well, we can also open a temporary business that provides various Indonesian takjil. In order to optimize sales, make sure to start selling from half past 4 until Maghrib! Because usually, outside of these hours, we tend to have trouble getting customers.


4. HP accessories

Approaching Lebaran, the level of demand for cellphones and cellphone accessories will increase. So, we can take advantage of this opportunity to offer various cellphone accessories, for example, such as earphones, data cables, memory cards, and various cases. If possible, we can also look for vendors that provide HP custom case services so that our buyers can choose their own case images they want to buy.


5. Envelopes and Eid decorations

For those of us who have a background as creative designers, we can do the opportunity to pre-order Eid trinkets. Make examples of Lebaran envelope designs in advance. In addition, you can also provide custom services for customers. You need to provide a detailed description for both the decorations and the Eid envelopes, such as color, size, and weight in order to avoid miscommunication when there is an order.


6. Pastries

Well, one of the things that is never overlooked before Eid is the preparation for providing cookies. Therefore, baking lovers can add to their coffers by opening pre-orders for various cakes. Some of the cookies that are often sought after are nastar, kastengel, peanut cake, and snow princess cake.


7. Parcels & Hampers

Apart from pastries, other things that are also much sought after before Eid are parcels and hampers. In a pandemic like now, parcels and hampers can be an alternative for us to stay in touch with loved ones without having to meet in person. Moreover, there are many options for filling hampers that we can choose from, from food to clothing to cutlery.


Even though it is situational, that does not mean we can miss the moment of fasting, especially if the number of requests has increased. Through a smart strategy, there will always be business solutions in facing various challenges.

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