Nowadays, building a community, especially among business people is starting to be considered by many people. So, don’t be surprised if there are now many co-working spaces that are starting to emerge. The community that is in the co-working space itself can consist of business actors operating on a large scale or business actors operating on a small scale. Well, if you are interested or have built your own co-working spaceship, don’t forget to look at the tips below so that many potential co-working spaces are looked at by potential users!

1. Don’t start selling, but start giving support
You already know that co-working space basically needs to be a place for the community? However, people in a community naturally tend to be more "independent" and hardworking. If you immediately sell something to them, certainly less likely they will be interested. So it’s better you offer in advance the benefits and benefits that they can get when using your co-working spacebar.

2. Stop sending offers carelessly
Promoting the products or services that you sell is already your obligation as a business actor. But remember, if you do it wrong, your target customers will just ignore you. The same is true for the communities and companies that you want to offer your co-working space. So from now on, try to send offers in the right context and time.

3. Putting a flyer is not an effective way
You might think that printing a flyer and putting it in several corners will help you find co-working space tenants. But unfortunately, this is not the right way to market co-working space. It would be better if you ask permission in advance from an institution or company that you are aiming to introduce your co-working spacebar to them.

4. Make the co-working space that provides many things
As a business owner, you need to use the right tactics to succeed. If you only invite prospective co-working space tenants to walk around your co-working space, then in fact you are just wasting their time. Remember, your goal is to provide products in the form of space needed by tenants.
As a new business opportunity, co-working space owners must be smart to manage their co-working space. That way, then co-working space can be a promising business and in accordance with the expectations of its users. Is your co-working space already customer-oriented?
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