Either you run any business segment, of course you want the business to grow rapidly right? So, at the end of the year, you not only conduct an evaluation, but also make business resolutions so that in 2020, you can correct your mistakes so that the performance in your business can improve rapidly. Now, so that your business resolution is not just a plan, let’s also consider the following 7 things!

1. How to lead employees
As a business owner, you become the leader who is responsible for directing and ensuring every need in your place of business runs smoothly. Therefore, you need to know exactly what the vision, the communication method, the strategy, and the vision and mission you want to carry out. Likewise with the ethics and responsibilities that must be carried out.

2. Business strategy
A business will grow rapidly if the owner has a good program plan. In addition, it also requires the application of appropriate strategies so that what you make is not just a plan, but also concrete actions that will improve the quality of your products and services.

3. Customers
Try to consider what methods you can use to make your customers more interested and get to know your brand. In this case, make sure you understand what is needed by the customer, for example product variations or additional services in the form of shipping services.

4. Looking at the previous evaluation
Your evaluation this year should also be used as learning to run a business going forward. Are there things you need to miss because they are not effective? If yes, don’t hesitate to eliminate it.

5. Human resources
Even if your sales numbers depend on customers, your business will not run smoothly without the help of staff. Therefore, make a business resolution 2020 that prioritizes the interests of your staff so that their welfare level increases.
The results of your efforts will reflect how much you are able to implement the 2020 business resolution that you made. So, what is your resolution for next year?


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