You may get a profit which is almost the same amount every month. Likewise with customers who come to your restaurant or café, you don’t see a reduction in the number of customers. At first glance, these two things indicate that your business is not experiencing problems. However, do you realize that it also indicates that your business is still underdeveloped? Whereas, as a business owner, who doesn’t want to expand their business to be wider? Actually, there are several reasons why your business is still in a period of stagnation. So, let’s try to find out the cause with the following 4 questions.

1. The menu that you present is not in accordance with your business brand
Businesses in the food and beverage sector are required to continue to be creative. Neither you nor your staff should be happy with the "comfort zone" because once you feel comfortable, that’s where you will stop trying. So, you need to hone your creativity to present new and interesting dishes to try. Believe it or not, actually the food menu that you present is one of your most influential promotional tools! Therefore, it is not surprising that many foodpreneur who design their menus as attractive as possible to give a good impression in the eyes of customers.

2. Have you done the right marketing?
Promotion is a very important element to attract the attention of potential customers so they finally come to your restaurant. Therefore, you should not underestimate the marketing strategy because if your promotions are always the same, then you will be difficult to attract the attention of prospective customers. Now, to find interesting promotional ideas, try to change the way you communicate, especially if you have been using communication that is only one-way. Instead, you have to open up opportunities for potential customers to interact with you, for example through social media. They can ask about promotions, additional services, and restaurant opening hours.

3. Do you check inventory regularly?
In running a business, everything must be calculated in detail, including in terms of managing inventory. But in reality, there are still many restaurant and bar owners who have not checked their inventory of raw materials regularly. Even if you do this, you can easily learn how to right to maximize profits. In checking the supply of raw materials, you can do it every week, twice a week, or also every month. This check can help you to find out, how much profit you have gained and which products are most sought after by customers.

4. Have your staff provided maximum service?
Have you and your team acted as customer-oriented businesses? Basically, the staff that you employ will imitate the way you behave towards customers. Therefore, you can apply a standard that they can use as a reference to serve customers optimally. Not only that, they can also give you training first before actually being given the responsibility to serve customers. That way, your relationship with the customer will also be established well. Remember, in any business, relationships are crucial things that need to be maintained and maintained.

The desire to expand the scope of business is indeed a dream of every businessman. However, not all business actors can do it seriously. So, make sure you have a strong determination to make your business more successful!

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