As we know, being a businessman will make us learn many things. However, this is not limited to the business world! You see, you can also invite others to do good. Well, here are 7 ways to do good that you can try while doing business.


1. Offer gift wrapping services

Especially for those of you who open a retail store, try to provide gift wrapping services if your customer plans to give the product he bought to someone. This service is free of charge because it is included as one of your appreciation for customers.


2. Help customers carry groceries

When customers buy a lot of items, especially heavy ones to carry alone, offer to help carry them to their vehicle. This simple thing is very meaningful and helpful!


3. Invite the whole team to give compliments

You and your team members can be one of the factors that play an important role in showing kindness. Therefore, always invite each team to do good starting from simple things, such as giving compliments to customers.


4. Hold a donation program

If it is for the benefit of others, there is nothing wrong with inviting customers to participate in the donation program. To facilitate the process, the donation can be made on every purchase of goods.


5. Offer delivery service

Sometimes, there are times when your customers can’t come directly to pick up their groceries. It could be that they were hindered by bad weather or other unexpected events. Well, here, you can offer them a delivery service.


6. Donate business equipment that is no longer used

Do you have items, tools, or other inventory that you no longer use? As long as the condition of the items is still decent, you can donate these items to communities in need. Instead of just throwing it away, of course these items will be useful if given to those in need.


7. Teach customers new skills

Each individual certainly has different experiences and skills. Well, you can also teach the skills you have to customers. For example, you open a craft business. Well, here you can hold training events to make crafts with certain techniques.


Presenting a program to do good will certainly not only have a positive impact on business brands, but also have a positive influence on the audience. So, what good have you done?

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