For sellers, the customers are king. So, you certainly have to understand the preferences of your customers. Every comment they give needs to be considered, including when they give negative feedback. Even if it is ‘spicy’ enough, don’t let yourself be emotional! You can really respond to the feedback through the following smart tips.

1. Not immediatelydefend their comments
Once you get criticism from customers, don’t ever get defensive right away. First, just listen to what they have to say. After they finish talking, then you can explain how your performance and what solutions you offer. This method will show that you value your customers.

2. Make a compromise
It is undeniable, there are times when you need to face customers who feel they know everything best. Even though their opinions aren’t quite right, you shouldn’t reject it right away. Make compromises so that you and your customers can find a middle ground, for example by showing your experience with previous customers.

3. Prepare a backup plan
Making customers satisfied is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, you should not only prepare one plan, but several backup plans. So, once you get negative feedback, you can offer them to use your backup ideas.

4. Know the customer’s desires
As a business person, you must understand what your customers want. Therefore, you need to question in detail about their expectations of the products you sell.

5. Get to know better
Naturally, if you feel disappointed after there are customers who give complaints. However, this also you should find out more. Actually, what parts make customers disappointed with your product? Who knows, this is not because you are not able to maintain product quality.

Customer trust is what influences the progress of your business. Therefore, make negative feedback from them as a trigger for you to make your business even better.
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