In approaching the new year, most of us of course already have resolutions, such as getting fitter, taking up a new hobby, and saving more money.

Well, those of you who work as business owners also need to prepare resolutions for your business!

The reason is, business resolutions will help you to prepare the things you need to do to achieve the business targets you want, for example, such as reaching more customers, managing sales reports in a practical way, or providing non cash payment services according to customer trends. present time.

So, what kind of resolution should business owners prepare? Here are 8 inspirations that you can make as business resolutions!

1. Prepare a plan to achieve your business target

Before welcoming the new year, you must have arranged the things you want to achieve later. Well, of course, the plan will not be implemented effectively if you do not prepare the right strategy. Therefore, in addition to determining business targets, you also have to prepare ways to achieve them. For example, when you want to reach more customers, then you must first look for media that you can use.

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2. Among the many things that need to be done, what is your priority?

Of course, you always want your business to run better than before so you have prepared the various things you need to do. However, not necessarily you can do everything at the same time. Then, do you have to prioritize everything that you have planned? Of course not. Instead, you should be able to choose which thing you want to focus on first. This not only helps you to run your business more easily, but also makes the targets you have set easier to achieve.

3. Share information with customers

Perhaps, most of us think that the relationship between business actors and buyers is only limited to buying and selling activities. So, you as a business actor will provide the goods or services that the customer needs, while the customer will buy the product. However, the interaction between you and your customer is actually more than just a buying and selling activity. You see, you also have to be able to help customers find the most appropriate product. In the digital era, you can share information for customers through blogs, websites or social media content.

4. Optimize interactions with customers through social media

Based on the Sea Insights Survey in 2020 reported from, 54% of MSMEs find it difficult to use social media to market their products. Of course, this is the right solution to adapt in the midst of a pandemic. You may also have used social media to interact with customers, ranging from answering customer questions, providing information about certain promotions, and offering the goods and services that you provide. Well, in 2022, you also need to increase your use of social media, for example through installing ads or adding social media channels that you didn’t use before.

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5. Participate in various events to expand networking

Want to get more opportunities in business? If yes, then you need to attend business-related events. You see, through these events, you will get more acquaintances who later have the potential to become your business partners. There are also various collaboration opportunities that you can do, from promotional programs to new product launches.

6. Learn to empower team members

As a business owner, you certainly have to do a lot of things to make your business expand more. Therefore, learn to empower the staff you recruit. Entrust them to their respective expertise, from operations, marketing, finance, products, and so on. Now, to make business management easier, use Cashlez Reporting which will automatically record all transactions at your place of business!

7. Leave the things that don’t make the business grow

Approaching the new year, it is not only new strategies that need to be prepared. You see, the things that you have been running so far also need to be reviewed again. If these things no longer support the development of your business, don’t hesitate to leave it!

8. Listen to feedback from customers and staff

You must have heard the term "Customer is King." This is certainly very appropriate because without customers, your business certainly cannot run smoothly. Therefore, every development that you will make in your business must always be based on the interests of the customer. Always ask your customers about their experiences when shopping or using the products they buy. In addition to customers, you also need to ask for feedback from staff so you can get a lot of inspiration.

Business resolutions are not just expectations that you must always set during the new year. Instead, you must commit to the business resolutions you have set.

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