Plan to transact with customers but have trouble with distance? Don’t worry! Cashlez Application now provides hassle free solution through Virtual Account (VA) Artajasa (ATM-B) that you can send to customers via E-mail, SMS, or WhatsApp. VA payment can be made through various banks (ATM-Bersama).

So, let’s register your business completely by attaching these following documents!

If you own a Personal Business:
1. KTP photo
2. NPWP photo
3. Merchant Application photo

If you own an Enterprise Business:
1. KTP photo
2. NPWP photo
3. SIUP photo
4. Company’s NPWP photo
5. Merchant Application photo

Terms and Conditions:
1. Complete the full registration and get verification as Cashlez Merchant.
2. You have been using Cashlez for at least one month.
3. The activation process of the VA Artajasa (ATM-B) feature takes 7 working days.
4. VA Artajasa (ATM-B) you can directly use in the Cashlez Application after your submission is approved by Cashlez.
5. Valid for Cashlez Merchants throughout Indonesia.

For further information, please contact Cashlez Care at 1500539 or email [email protected].

Cashlez, Integrated Business and Non Cash Payment Solution for You. 

#JualanJadiGampang with Cashlez.



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