The Covid-19 pandemic is an ordeal that now tests every human being regardless of who we are. In a way, this virus provides an impact for us all, for example the impact of social restrictions that make us have to refrain not to visit relatives and friends. However, after the pandemic has passed, we all must naturally rise in the following ways!


  1. Prioritize using local products

As we know, the spread of Covid-19 does not only affect health conditions, but also financial condition because some business sectors become sluggish due to physical distancing . Examples such as the tourism industry, transportation, and entertainment of Indonesia. Now , once this storm is over, let us together begin to advance these businesses again. In addition, if you have a business, start to prioritize local suppliers as a form of support for the progress of the nation’s economy.


  1. Present solutions to overcome problems in the community

The Corona virus pandemic provides us with many valuable lessons. We need to do a lot of evaluations of the things we previously did. Because through this evaluation, we can improve ourselves to be better while creating solutions to help the community. Now in running the business, you can present these solutions through simple ways, for example by providing non-cash payment options and delivery services for your customers so that transactions become more simple, faster, and safer.


  1. Share the knowledge you have

Not a few people whose profession was affected by Covid-19. So once this pandemic ends, you can not only help financially, but also through the expertise and knowledge you have. Try to open special training that can be followed by the community so that they can increase their skills so they can compete in the professional world. Although this may seem simple, the provision of knowledge and skills has a great influence on society.


Whoever we are, of course we have each way to help each other and rise from this difficulty. Are you ready to be the part of this positive influence?


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