Every entrepreneur has their own preferences. However, this is common, because every entrepreneur has a different leadership mindset. However, there are a number of traits and qualities that can help us be successful, both in small-scale businesses and in large-scale businesses. Therefore, pay attention to the dos and donts for an entrepreneur through the following explanation!



1. Have a noble goal

The business you start needs to have a purpose, not just to make a profit, let alone trick customers. Because basically, a business appears to be a solution to a problem. For example, the Cashlez App is here to help business people in Indonesia to accept non-cash payment transactions practically and safely and manage their business easily.


2. Respect for customers

A good entrepreneur will give everyone the same respect, regardless of their background. They also will not give arbitrary assumptions to anyone. The quality of service provided will be the same from one customer to another. This is what makes them appreciated by their customers.


3. Pay attention to how you communicate

If you want to show that you are a business actor who has professionalism and integrity, pay attention to the way you communicate. You see, you shouldn’t speak for your own sake. Instead, you must consider the right moment to express an opinion.


4. Easy to contact

Who is a business actor who is not happy if his business is becoming popular? Of course, you can be proud of yourself, but don’t make you forget yourself. A good business actor will not be arrogant and proud of himself. They will always be open and accessible to others.


5. Dare to take risks

Until now, you have indeed operated your business, but you cannot achieve your goals optimally if you do not predict and dare to take risks. So, is the risk in question always related to venture capital? Of course not! These risks can include daring to introduce a different product than usual or daring to empower a group of people who need jobs.



1. Wasting other people’s time

Often times, we don’t realize that how we value our time is also very important. Hence, when you meet with potential partners late, you indirectly also harm them. Likewise with customers who are left to queue for a long time at the checkout. So, so that your customers can shop practically, provide a Cashlez App that can accept various kinds of non-cash payments.


2. Ignoring other people

Be friendly and contactable by the people in your contacts. You see, you never know who will potentially become your customers. And to get used to this, try to make eye contact, smile, and say hello to the people you meet.


3. Brag about yourself

You may have successfully opened new business branches or got additional partners. However, don’t let the accomplishments you get actually make you arrogant to brag yourself in public. People will respect you more when you don’t mention your accomplishments right away.


4. Act as if you are inferior

Apart from bragging about ourselves, another attitude we also need to be aware of is humblebragging, aka acting as if we are inferior. Humblebragging can be phrases such as "I think my success makes people feel intimidated" or "My thriving business gets me being asked for money by many people." Instead of bragging like this, we better hold back and let other people give their opinion on our achievements.


5. Sharing opinions at inappropriate times

You may have an understanding of the field of business that you are running. You also know good business strategies, important things, and expert things. However, what you know is not always possible for you to express. You must be able to read the situation, for example if you are in a business mentoring class, of course you can share your opinion. However, if you are in an entertainment place, it is a good idea to hold back.

By knowing the dos and don’ts, you will have a reference on how to behave as a good entrepreneur. Come on, stay excited and aware of your business!

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