The Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) imposed by the government certainly has brought impacts on business owners, including MSME businesses. If you are one of them, you will certainly wonder, how to keep your efforts productive in the midst of social restrictions? If your customers isolate themselves, surely this will affect your economic aspects. Even so, you shouldn’t give up easily. Moreover, at present we have been supported by the use of technology that acts as a solution to continue to help the purchasing activities. In order to plan your SME business more effectively, don’t forget to follow the following productive tricks during the PSBB! 


  1. Cashflow must be maintained

Financial condition is very important for a business. Therefore, you need to manage your finances optimally. It is face, indeed, not a few business people who do it is difficult to manage finances at the time of PSBB. Moreover, they usually carry out transactions face to face. However, you don’t need to worry now because there are online payment features that you can get from the Cashlez Application. Without having to meet customers, you can send a payment link so they can transact via their debit / credit card. Proof of the transaction you can send to customers via E-mail, SMS, and WhatsApp. In addition, Cashlez also provides reporting features that you can access for free whenever and wherever. No need to bother coming to the store, you can monitor all income from home!


  1. Check stock sales regularly

In addition to managing your finances, the thing you need to monitor in order to remain productive during the PSBB is the stock of sales. You can first make a list of products based on certain categories, such as food, drinks, and home furnishings. After that, then you can check the amount of inventory of each item. Through this trick, you can serve your customers to the maximum that can provide for their needs. Especially in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are several items that are often sought after, such as masks, hand sanitizers , and other products that can be used as disinfectants or can protect themselves when outside the home. Therefore, you also need to work with several suppliers to ensure that the entire inventory can be fulfilled.


  1. Reduce MSME spending as much as possible

Covid-19 pandemic is so impactful on your financial condition that you not only need to monitor your financial condition, but also reduce your expenses. From now on, try to consider which budget you can cut and which fixed budget needs to be prioritized. In addition, you can also make budget adjustments to ensure that the store can operate normally and reduce the risks that can occur. In these circumstances, of course you do not need to force yourself to use the budget as usual. Because this can actually make it increasingly difficult for you to manage MSMEs. The most important thing you need to do right now is to fight so that your business can continue to run and get through these times well. Now, you can use a business solution from Cashlez which provides a cashier application free of subscription fees. Through this application, your customers can use various non-cash payment options.


Running MSMEs when PSBB is certainly a challenge because you need to make many adjustments. However, there are various business solutions that you can use to continue to grow.

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