Yesterday afternoon, the DKI Jakarta Government announced that the Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) will be extended until May 22, 2020. Therefore, your restaurant or cafe may not serve reservations on the spot. You are only allowed to sell food on delivery. In addition, you also must always ensure cleanliness in your business. Of course, this situation is a challenge for every food and beverage business. However, you don’t need to worry because you can overcome this challenge by doing the following tricks!
1. Adjust the prices
As we know, customers who dine in will certainly be charged to additional service taxes. Well, if they are only allowed to use the delivery service, of course you have to adjust the price of the food. They can indeed enjoy the same drinks and food as when they visited your restaurant or cafe. However, they do not get additional services, such as live music and other entertainments.
2. Offer promotions
In addition to providing price adjustments, another way you can use to keep a business going smoothly in the middle of a PSBB is to provide promotions. This method is effective to attract the attention of prospective buyers. Promotions that you can use can be in the form of discounts, free special products, or can be a campaign to help people affected by Covid-19. For example, such as giving food donations obtained from the sale. That way, your customers know that in addition to enjoying their favorite food, they can also contribute to others.
3. Provide products that are not easily spoiled
PSBB aims to reduce community mobility so that many people choose to remain at home. To meet daily needs, of course many people will look for products that are durable so they don’t need to leave the house often. You can offer them solutions through a variety of frozen food choices that are not only delicious, but can also be stored for several months.

4. Food delivery is necessary

Because you are not allowed to accept customers who eat on the spot, you must provide a delivery system to stay connected with customers. This delivery system can be done through a third party or it can be through one of the staff that you employ. If through a third party, customers can order food through the third party application. Meanwhile, if you provide your own delivery system, they can directly contact your place of business. Before food is delivered, you also need to ensure its quality and cleanliness. Use a seal on the wrapper so that the food is protected.
5. Use business solutions that are easy and affordable
Preparing food and drinks for customers will certainly keep you busy. Therefore, you no longer need to record your income manually. Likewise, when serving customers. You can download the cashier application from Cashlez which is free of subscription fees. After that, just enter the products you sell and the price. When there is a purchase, all you have to do is enter the product and ask what payment options the buyer will use. Then, proof of payment can be sent directly to the customer via SMS, WhatsApp, or e-mail.
Each individual must have been affected by the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, we must support one another and not give up easily. Let’s fight together to suppress the spread of the Corona virus while advancing the Indonesian economy!


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