Soon, the month of Ramadan will arrive and Muslims will hold fasting for the next one month. Of course, this month has been the moment that many people have been waiting for. The reason is, someone’s daily life will be different from the previous days. Some of them such as waking hours for dawn, time to break the fast, until the time of worship. But apparently, it’s not just personal routines that need adjustments in the fasting month. You who have a business also need to prepare the following things during the fasting month!
1. Change the atmosphere of your shop into the atmosphere of Ramadan
Entering the fasting month, of course, your shop display also needs to be decorated in accordance with the typical atmosphere of Ramadan. You can do this from simple things like using green or pictures like mosques, drum, to the crescent moon. In addition to your place of business, you can also do it on your business website or social media account.
2. As much as possible offer products for family needs
As we know, the fasting month is a moment for Indonesian people to gather with the closest people, especially family. Therefore, you should also make creations on the products and services that you have. Make special offers targeted to families so that there will be more potential customers who are interested in shopping.
3. Create a promotion related to the fasting month
Indonesia is a country that has the most Muslim population in the world so that you have a great potential to offer various promos during the fasting month. These promotions can be in the form of discounts, product bonuses, to donation programs obtained from the sale. To attract customers, try to make promotional content as creative as possible which you can then post on the store as well as social media and websites.
4. Adjustment of operating hours
When fasting, of course someone will wake up earlier than usual because they have to do sahur. So during the month of Ramadan, you should make adjustments to the store operating schedule. This is important so that you and your team who are fasting can still work optimally. To adjust the store’s operating hours, you can open and close the shop early so that each staff can go home early and break fast with the family.
5. Prepare for Holiday Allowance
Getting a Holiday Allowance aka THR is the right of every employee. Therefore, you need to prepare it from now. Pay attention to your business finances and do a THR calculation on each staff. When giving THR, you also need to calculate the right time. Do not let, the THR was only given when approaching Lebaran Day. At the very least, the THR is obtained one week before Lebaran so that it can be used to prepare for the Eid celebration with the family.
6. Maintain your stamina
In order to keep fasting and your business smooth, of course you have to stay in shape. Maintain stamina by eating nutritious foods and getting enough rest. Moreover, at this time we are still continuing to struggle against the Covid-19 pandemic. So in addition to maintaining health, you also need to maintain cleanliness in the business. Use a mask and provide a place to wash hands so that everyone can maintain cleanliness. If you provide delivery services, you also need to ensure the cleanliness of each product to be sent.
7. Use the right business solution
To keep your body fit, of course you have to prioritize health. Don’t you do things that waste energy and time. Now, it’s no longer the time to take care of business manually because you can entrust Cashlez which has a sales report feature. Even if you don’t come to the store, you can see all transactions anytime, anywhere. Cashlez also has various non-cash payment features for your customers!
With the right preparation, you can fast and run a business smoothly. What preparations you have already made?


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