The spread of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia makes business people face many challenges. Some of these include service restrictions that only provide a delivery system and a fall in sales figures. This is because many customers must quarantine at their respective homes. Nevertheless, certainly a business needs to survive to face the existing crisis. And the good news, you can also apply the right marketing strategies to keep your business running smoothly even in the midst of a pandemic. Here are 7 effective strategies that you should do!


  1. Show your empathy

As a business person, it’s only natural that you want sales to increase. However, in difficult times like this, you also need to show empathy to customers. Try to find out, what are the contributions that you can give to customers. Then, start to organize certain programs, for example a mask sales program or special services needed during the Covid-19 pandemic.


  1. Use appropriate topics and keywords

Covid-19 Pandemic is a very big issue so you can find that context everywhere, from news on television to daily conversations with friends and relatives. Not surprisingly, your customers also tend to shop based on their needs to protect themselves from the risk of spreading Covid-19. Therefore, you should not miss content about Covid-19 and your business, yes!


  1. Be active on social media and be diligent in producing content

Because many people have to #StayatHome, digital activities continue to increase, including in the business of buying and selling. Therefore, you also need to maximize your business promotion online. So, all information about product types and ordering systems can be accessed by your customers easily. In addition, you also need to tailor products and services to customer needs. For example, such as secure product delivery services and secure remote payment features using Cashlez Link.


  1. Prioritize safety and avoid the risk of Corona Virus transmission

When promoting in times of crisis, you need to be careful and make sure all the content that you create is in accordance with the current situation. Do not let, there are things that seem negative. You can also give an idea of how to package products to customers so that your customers know that you are a professional businessman who prioritizes health.


  1. Keep maintaining communication with customers

At present, there may be business actors who find it difficult to produce or increase sales stock. This can occur due to temporary production closures, logistical delays, or other problems. Well, every sales information you can share with customers so they can understand that your service process is hampered because of the situation, not because you are not quick to respond to them.


  1. Focus on your customers

It is undeniable, this pandemic period makes it difficult for some business people to get new customers. Therefore, you should stay focused on the customers who have dealt with you. Because they already trust the quality of your products, of course you will be easier to promote your business to them.


  1. Create relevant promotions

In order for your promotion to be effective, you should link the promotion to the present situation, namely the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. This can make your promotion easier to find. Especially if the promotion is made with a useful message so that many people are ultimately interested in following it.


Covid-19 pandemic is not a condition that makes you have to complain. Instead, you need to train yourself to become a more independent and creative business owner.
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