Indonesia is a country that is rich in various regional specialties. This can be a great potential that can be utilized by the community, one of which is to be used as a business opportunity.


As the name implies, regional food will certainly use traditional recipes and are made with certain techniques. However, not a few are also modifying regional food.


Why is regional food modified?


Of course, the modifications made to traditional recipes are not aimed at abandoning existing traditions. On the other hand, food modification can actually improve your creativity skill in making creations of existing recipes.


Well, in the F&B business sector itself, local food modification is also caused by several factors, such as adjusting customer tastes, simplifying manufacturing techniques, or following current sales trends.

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Modified regional food and can be a business opportunity


As a culinary business person, of course you have to understand the raw materials and how to make the product you are going to sell. So, if you also want to present a modified regional menu, these 6 types of food can be a reference for you!


1. Kue Cubit (Cubit Cake)


Were you one of those kids who liked to eat snacks at school? If so, surely you are familiar with this one snack. Yup, cubit cake has a sweet taste and can be made half-baked so it tastes very delicious. In the past, the cubit cake was usually only sprinkled with chocolate meses. But now, you can modify it with various toppings, such as oreos, cheese, to green tea and red velvet.


2. Surabi


This one cake is usually famous in the areas of Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Solo, and Surabaya. In the past, serabi was usually enjoyed with a limited choice of toppings, such as oncom, sugar, or durian jam. However. Currently, the choice of toppings for Surabi cake is getting more and more diverse, for example, like cheese, blueberry, or strawberry.


3. Fried Bananas


Fried bananas are indeed one of the most sought after types of fried foods. In addition to its sweet taste and crispy skin texture, this snack is usually also enjoyed with coffee. So, if you have a coffee shop, there’s no harm in trying to present a fried banana that has been created, such as banana nuggets and fried bananas with various contemporary toppings.


4. Cireng


This snack comes from the province of West Java and is made from tapioca flour. Before it was known as a modern food, cireng was usually often found in gorengan seller. However, now there are many tablets that sell cireng with stuffed creations, such as sausages, cheese, corned beef, and meatballs.


5. Mozzarella Fried Chicken


You must have heard this one menu often, because many business people serve mozzarella geprek chicken as one of their menu choices. In fact, actually geprek chicken itself is a traditional menu that comes from Yogyakarta! The word geprek itself is a Javanese language which means crushed or smashed.

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6. Martabak


It is no secret that martabak is one of the most sought after types of snacks. Usually, this typical food from Bangka Belitung is eaten together, for example with family and friends. In the past, maybe martabak sellers only provided limited toppings, such as chocolate, sesame nuts, and cheese. However, now there are many variations, ranging from oreo, nutella, red velvet, to egg martabak topped with mozzarella cheese.


Local food modification not only trains you to create the food products you sell, but also provides new options for buyers. And besides food modification, you can also provide practical transaction services through cashless payment options on the Cashlez App!
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