Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia in March 2020, culinary businesses have become increasingly popular among the society, especially those who have just started businesses. Although there are cafe and restaurant owners affected by this outbreak, culinary business opportunities remain in great demand to become a source of income, both as a main business and as a side business.


During periods of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), culinary business actors will usually rely on the delivery system to prevent the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus. However, because the government and society are now preparing to enter a new period of adaptation, culinary businesses are also allowed to re-open their businesses as before, but must comply with health protocols. Well, if you are also one of the business actors who want to re-open a culinary business, follow the steps below so your business will be operated effectively!


  1. Determine the type of food product

First of all, you need to determine what type of culinary you will sell. This you can do by looking at market opportunities, such as types of foods that are trending and types of foods that are good for health. When you first open, it helps you focus on selling just one type of culinary. Later as the business goes on, then you can provide other culinary choices that suit the tastes of customers.


  1. Prepare the tools and materials needed

Make sure you have provided the tools and ingredients needed to make a food menu. You can find out what you need through information from the internet, books, and the people closest to you who already have cooking experience. So you get the right tools and materials, you can do a comparison between one based on the price of quality. This process is very important because it will affect the products that you offer later.


  1. Find the right flavor and prepare attractive packaging

After getting the right tools and ingredients try to make the menu that you will sell. Though you follow the recipes of others, you can also adjust the taste. At this stage, you also may be having trials and errors , but in the end, that’s what makes you find the most appropriate prescription. After that, you can start preparing attractive packaging , for example using paper boxes that are environmentally friendly.


  1. Promote the products that you sell

Promotion is the main step you need to take to sell your products. Try to take pictures of the cooking results and upload them to social media. In addition to photos, also provide attractive and appropriate captions that make people want to find out more about the food. Besides through social media, you can also do promotions to the closest people like coworkers or relatives through instant messaging.


  1. Use delivery services

During the new adaptation period, customer habits will change. In the past, enjoying food in restaurants or cafes became common. But now, there are also customers who still limit activities outside the home so they prefer to use the take away system when ordering food. Therefore, you need to provide food delivery services for them. This service also helps your customers who are located far away so they can still enjoy the food you make.


It’s only natural for culinary entrepreneurs to anticipate to maximize the quality of products and services during the new adaptation period. Come on, make it easy to manage your culinary business using Cashlez which provides the real time sales reporting access!


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