Does loving ourselves mean self-centered? Some people consider so, but it is actually incorrect. Self love is different from selfishness, arrogant, or narcissistic.  When you love yourself, you are able to validate and appreciate your needs, both physically and mentally. Moreover, this trait will also allow you to practice loving others. Here is the story from Jessica a.k.a Jess, the Android Lead who has joined Cashlez since September 2019 about how self love can help us to spread positivity towards others.


As a full timer, Jess believes that loving herself can be done by maintaining work life balance. One should know when to do the tasks and when to have the leisure time. If you force yourself too much, you will get less energy on the next day, and it will definitely impact on your daily performance. Meanwhile, your leisure time can be used to catch up with your beloved ones, read novels, or watch some K-Dramas. Before the pandemic, this BTS fan (ARMY) also loves travelling. Jess mentioned that according to Dalai Lama, “Once a year, you should go to places that you’ve never been before.”


So, is self love related to any exciting thing? The answer is no. It is a constant journey towards fulfillment. When you truly love yourself, you will also be driven to experience new challenges. Having been working at an Managed IT Services Company for five years, Jess decided to try a new opportunity as an Android Lead at Cashlez. Before joining Cashlez, she did some research and noticed that Cashlez doesn’t only share her value, but also has a vivid vision and mission. For Jess, being a Cashlezian (The Nickname of Cashlez Team Member) is a precious experience as she can explore new skills and experiences.

Beside being eager to improve, someone who loves her/himself will find easy to take responsibility. For example, there are many changes on work trends because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Before the outbreak, we used to have face to face meetings, but after that, we should minimize the direct contacts by doing it online. Meanwhile, the work from home shift policy also might be challenging for some people. Not every house provides a comfort and conducive circumstance to work and this could make  someone feel less motivated. Even though Jess believes that our work performances depend on us, she suggests that to avoid being unmotivated we should keep communicated.


In the IT team, she and the others give daily updates about the ongoing tasks and projects. They will also be divided into small groups to discuss and solve the problems. The team also uses scrum method that encourages every member to learn from the past experiences. It also trains us to practice self-organizing while solving a problem. Sometimes, we could also get feedback from our colleagues, but this should be used to better ourselves.


Self love is not only related to ourselves, but also the others. When we are eager to love ourselves as well as improving our lives as better individuals, the more contributions we can give to ourselves and the universe.

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