Cashlez as the first payment aggregator company in Indonesia, provides various support for the progress of cashless society in Indonesia. On Sunday, September 22, 2019, Cashlez was present at the Le Minerale Water Run to invite participants and visitors to be part of the cashless society and give an understanding of the importance of using non-cash transactions. Reporting from, Le Minerale Water Run 2019 which also conducts sports goods auction using Cashlez so that the winners can make non-cash payments. According to the Cashlez’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Tan Leny Yonathan, this support was provided by Cashlez so that the public became more familiar with the GNNT (National Non-Cash Movement) which made the payment process easier and simpler.

In addition to participating in sports activities, the support provided by Cashlez to the people of Indonesia was also seen through the inauguration of its new branch located in Yogyakarta. states that Cashlez, which is moving fast to expand, now has a network in 6 major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, and Yogyakarta. Cashlez’s presence in Yogyakarta itself aims to reach business owners, especially at the micro and medium scale to use non-cash payments quickly and safely. In addition, Yogyakarta is also one of the tourist destinations with a large market potential. Therefore, Cashlez prioritizes tourism destinations in Yogyakarta so that tourists, both domestic and foreign, can receive electronic payments. This is certainly expected to also be able to help businesses to develop their businesses.

After successfully opening a branch in Yogyakarta, Cashlez became one of the participants at one of the business exhibitions in Jakarta, namely the Francise License & Expo Indonesia (FLEI) which was held on September 13-15 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). According to, through this event, visitors, both those who already have a business and who are new to start a business, can get to know more about the various products and services provided by Cashlez. Moreover, visitors can also get a special promo for purchasing Cashlez Reader Printer, which is a discount of IDR225,000. Cashlez’s presence received a positive response from the community. This is because public awareness of the importance of non-cash payment methods is also increasing.

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