Sushi is one of the popular Japanese cuisines in foreign countries, including Indonesia. In addition to the various variations, sushi also has a unique taste that we can try. However, did you know that even though it comes from Japan, sushi creations are also constantly evolving? Therefore, it is not surprising that we can find not only authentic sushi, but also fusion sushi.


However, when looking for foreign specialties, of course, most culinary lovers will be interested in tasting authentic food to find out what the taste and texture of the food is like. Well, if you want to taste a variety of sushi and other authentic Japanese menus that are delicious, you can visit one of the Cashlez Merchants in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, namely Sushi Maru.


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Restaurant with Japanese Ambience at Pantai Indah Kapuk

Established since August 2021, Gilang who is the person in charge of Sushi Maru PIK explained that Sushi Maru is a restaurant that presents authentic Japanese menus. Not only that, this restaurant in the North Jakarta area also presents a Japanese Ambience so that its visitors can feel comfortable and become more relaxed thanks to the atmosphere at Sushi Maru.


Gilang explained that the word “Maru” means perfect, in accordance with the commitment of the Sushi Maru team which strives to provide perfection, both in terms of atmosphere in the restaurant, taste of food, and quality of service.


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Providing education through authentic menus


As one of the Japanese restaurants that offers authentic Japanese menus, there are various menus that customers can try. Some examples are Caviar Taco Tartar, kinmedai, kanpachi, fresh pacific oysters, and tuna. In addition to the authentic taste, the menus at Sushi Maru are also made from premium quality ingredients imported directly from Japan.


Through the variety of menus available at Sushi Maru, Gilang explained that Sushi Maru indirectly also provides education to its customers about authentic Japanese food, such as native Japanese fish. Not a few people think that salmon is a fish from Japan because it is often used as a raw material for making sushi and sashimi. In fact, salmon does not come from Japan.


Contemporary services that provide convenience


Providing services to customers must be done optimally. This is what the Sushi Maru team also applied when social restrictions were implemented and forced them to abolish dine-in services. Even though customers can’t directly enjoy the delicious menus at Sushi Maru, they can still order and enjoy them in their own cars.


So, after placing an order, Sushi Maru’s staff will prepare the entire menu ordered and deliver it to the customer’s car. In addition, Sushi Maru customers can directly make payments easily through various non-cash transaction features so that Sushi Maru customers and staff can avoid direct contact when transacting.


The convenience of providing various payment options at Sushi Maru can be felt by customers because of the presence of CashlezONE. This payment machine that is equipped with the Cashlez Application can not only accept payments using credit/debit cards and e-money, but also other payment options such as ShopeePay and LinkAja.


And of course, it’s not just customers who feel the convenience of the Cashlez non-cash payment solution. The Sushi Maru team can also run restaurant operations more efficiently. They no longer need to recapitulate transactions manually, because every transaction will be recorded directly and can be seen on the sales dashboard.

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