Because we are now entering the digital era, there are various technology-based solutions that are presented for business. There are payment technology services such as the Cashlez App which has various features of non-cash transactions, cashier services that manage sales stock, as well as online ordering services made through platforms such as social media and e-commerce. Of course, in the midst of various business facilities, there is an important aspect that you should not skip, namely cyber security.


Cybersecurity or also known as cybersecurity is an action, technology, and method taken to ensure that the system you use can continue to run smoothly and avoid cyber risks. Through cybersecurity, you can protect all the assets in your business. So that your business cybersecurity is always maintained, follow the following steps!

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1. Using multi-factor authentication


If there is a multi-factor authentication facility on the platforms you use, be sure to implement it. This type of authentication is very important, especially in services such as email, remote access, and accounting systems. You do have to go through several stages before logging in, but this method is effective for ensuring account security.


2. Not just open the link


Have you ever heard of a scam sent via email? Of course, you also need to be careful when opening business emails. Before opening the link, you must first check its validity, namely by making sure the sender of the email.

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3. Do not directly click on the link


Just like when you receive a link, you also need to be careful when getting a link from an email or on a website. If the link does not match the link you want to go to, then don’t visit it. You can also verify the validity of the link through the sender of the link.


4. Ensure payment security


Transaction security should be a priority for every business owner. You see, in addition to improving the customer’s shopping experience, transaction security is also important to ensure that you can receive payments from customers. As a debit/credit card transaction service provider, Cashlez has also obtained the PCI DSS certification which ensures the security of the payment process.


5. Keep password secure


In the aspect of business security, password is one of the crucial aspects. Therefore, you are advised not to save passwords in internet browsers and share them with every staff. Grant access only if there is a team member who does have responsibility for the access.


6. Create a unique password


If you create a password with easy-to-know information, such as your date of birth, you should immediately change the password. You see, information about the date of birth is certainly easy to access. Be sure to set a unique password to ensure the security of every online account you have.


7. Prepare data backup


No business owner wants to lose his business data. For that, you also need to anticipate through creating a data backup system. Keep in mind that this backup is not done once in a while, but on a regular basis, for example once a month to ensure all data is stored safely.


Along with the rapid development of digital technology, you also need to anticipate risks through the implementation of cyber security. Of course, the application can start from simple habits, such as using passwords to preparing data backups. Of course, you can also use the Cashlez payment service that has been licensed as a payment gateway from Bank Indonesia!

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