By the end of 2019, of course we all will have a lot of hope, including for the business you are running. Especially when entering 2020, there will be many opportunities that you can try so that your business can be more advanced. So, during this holiday period, there is no harm in you also taking your time to develop new strategies for your business. Relax, this strategy does not mean to be a complicated matter anyway because you can apply three simple but effective way of following.


1. Following training

Business actors who want to make their business more advanced must be innovative. He must be able to see business growth in the market, especially investment trends and business trends that are emerging. In order to improve the quality of your business, both in terms of products and services, it doesn’t hurt to provide training to all of your team members. That way, they will be able to keep abreast of technological developments, service standards, and trends that arise in the product and how to promote the business. One example is providing training in managing a business. In 2020, the use of digital-based technology will be stronger, and therefore you need to use a cashier service that helps your staff to transact with customers. You can use the Cashlez Application and Payment Machine. By using this free cashier application, you and the staff no longer need to record sales items manually because you only need to include them in the product list. Likewise with the presence of Cashlez payment machines that allow staff to transact easily because they accept various digital payments and payments by credit / debit card.


2. Determine your goals

Entering a new year, you also need to prepare a resolution that you can run. So, make sure the resolution is clear so that you can easily determine what things you can do to make it happen. For example, you can have a resolution to drive business growth and increase the amount of revenue. This can happen if you and a team member act responsibly. If necessary, give values that are a common reference for doing business. That way, you can more easily measure your targets, both long-term targets and short-term targets. Keep in mind, that to achieve something big, you have to start from simple things. So, don’t underestimate the small things because that’s where you can develop into a better business actor.


3. Make data a priority

The business world in the digital era is very close to the business of data. So to ascertain whether you have managed your business to the full or not, you need to look based on available data. Certainly, the data must be accurate and clear so that your evaluation results can be used for further business development. Conversely, if you do not have organized data, then in the end you are the hassle to evaluate your business. So, how to get accurate data? Quite easy, namely by joining as Cashlez Merchant . You only need to download the Cashlez application for free via iOS or Android. Then, include a photo of your KTP, NPWP, and Merchant application form. Cashlez will give you access to sales reports free of charge so you can find out the recapitulation of sales and what types of products are most in demand.


Use the new year to improve quality and leave behind the mistakes you made in the previous year. The more effective your business strategy is, the more promising the results you will get.


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