The Covid-19 pandemic that began in early March in Indonesia has had a huge impact on the economic sector. Not only small-scale business owners, business owners at the enterprise level also faced challenges during the crisis. However, thanks to the efforts made to suppress the spread of Covid-19, the government is now preparing policies to enter the new normal period. Business sectors that had to be temporarily closed will now be reopened gradually. Businesses will be asked to implement health protocols to avoid the risk of spreading the virus. In addition to the health protocol, these 3 business sectors will also have new trends in the new normal era.


  1. Transportation Sector

Reporting from, the New Normal era will provide new potential in the transportation business, namely in the form of bike sharing, aka bicycle rental for short distance transportation. This potential is estimated to exist in the Capital City area of DKI Jakarta. As the Chairperson of the Community Advocacy for the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI), Djoko Setijowarno said that the bike sharing business was nothing new. However, this type of business could become a potential in Indonesia which is fighting against the spread of Corona Virus.

According to Djoko, bicycles are a suitable choice in New Normal situations. Learning from experience in fighting the spread of the virus, people can ride bicycles to avoid crowds in confined spaces or avoid queues. In addition, the bicycle is also good for maintaining a healthy body. When this trend emerges, the government also needs to prepare infrastructure on the road so that people can ride safely.


  1. Food Sector

Restaurant, cafe, and canteen owners need to make some changes in the New Normal era. Reporting from, the Ministry of Trade regulates a new normal scheme for food businesses. The owner of the place to eat needs to implement strict health protocols, one of which is to limit the number of visitors to a maximum of 40% of the number when normal conditions. Not only that, visiting hours in places to eat also need to be limited.

Businesses need to provide staff on duty to inspect and monitor entrances and exits so there are no crowds. In addition, staff, managers, and waitresses must be proven to be COVID-19 negative based on evidence of PCR / Rapid test results that can be carried out by the owner or the health department. During their activities in a place to eat, they also need to use masks, face shields and gloves.


  1. MSME Sector

During the New Normal period, the MSME business which had been hampered slowly would move again. Reporting from, there are several MSMEs that are predicted to improve, namely those that produce herbal products, fruits, and vegetables. These products are needed by customers to maintain health and stamina.

In addition to the progress of MSMEs, the New Normal era will also make customer trends change so MSMEs must prepare new strategies so that their business will be developed. Managing product inventory on a regular basis so that it can maximize services and expand the delivery of goods, both within the city, outside the city, or outside the country. In addition, MSMEs also need to integrate communication systems with customers, for example through social media or WhatsApp. To facilitate the payment process during the New Normal period, MSMEs can use Cashlez, which provides various non-cash payment options.


The New Normal Period is an opportunity for businesses to return to their businesses based on established health protocols. Therefore, businesses and customers need to make adjustments.

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