Digitalisation that is happening now has a significant influence on business opportunities. When talking about digital, of course we need to associate it with online business. But in the end, only online businesses are growing rapidly, because the offline business is also increasingly looked at by prospective entrepreneurs, ranging from food and beverage businesses, clothing, accessories, to souvenirs. So, why did this happen? The following explanation will answer the question.

One potential for offline business is caused by the rapid development of information technology. This will make it easier for you to communicate, for example for promotional purposes, customer service, and transactions. For example, when you open a new restaurant branch, you can get posts on social media so that there are many who know this. Meanwhile, in terms of service and payment, you can use Cashlez, which provides e-change on each transaction, so customers can immediately receive the receipt via email or SMS.

Offline business is also in great demand because now, businesses that can be done easily control the business. After completing your registration to become a Cashlez Merchant, you will get free access to view your sales reports through the Cashlez portal. Even though you don’t need to visit the store on that day, you can still talk about the developments that took place there. The staff you employ also cannot fool you because you have access to see all transactions.

Many people think that online business is much easier compared to offline businesses that require more operational costs. In fact, this assumption is correct, the article is if you use Cashlez, then you can replace your operational costs. Cashlez provides various features for buying and selling activities in your business. Starting from the free cashier application features that can be obtained through the App Store or Play Store as well as various digital payment features so that you can receive a variety of payment instruments used by customers.

Besides having to look at business opportunities, you also need to provide tools that can equip your business. That way, the business you run will grow quickly.

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