The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has made many changes to our daily activities, from activities in the world of work to personal activities. In order to reduce the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus while maintaining productivity, the government and the people of Indonesia are now implementing new habit adaptations or what is better known as the "new normal." Through this adaptation, people can still do activities, but must adhere to health protocols, such as wearing masks when they are outside the home.

During this new adaptation period, the business sectors severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic can be slowly recovered. And of course, these industry players will also face different challenges compared to when the Covid-19 pandemic had not yet emerged. One of them is the entertainment event industry players. Based on the new normal scenario from the government, entertainment events can be held again if the area where the event is considered ready and has been considered based on the results of epidemiological research. So, what things do the entertainment event industry players need to pay attention to when holding an event? Here are the reviews!

Disinfection protocol
Every public place such as a building, restaurant, or hotel, of course, has its own cleanliness standards. During the new normal period, these hygiene standards will undergo adjustments, for example through the use of disinfectants. In addition, event industry players also need to ask staff to clean frequently touched surfaces. Some of them include door handles, lift buttons, chairs, taps, light switches, and stair handrails. To keep the event area hygienic, this disinfection can be done periodically, for example, once every four hours until the event ends.

Make sure the food provided remains hygienic
When you and your staff prepare food for customers, make sure the processing is still hygienic. Use cooking oil that is changed regularly and make sure the refrigerator and freezer are used properly and set at the right temperature. Use labels to distinguish each food item stored to make it easier for staff to find the ingredients they need when cooking.

Measuring the event area for social distancing purposes
To prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, WHO urges us to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from the people around us. This appeal applies everywhere, from dining establishments to exhibition venues. Therefore, you also need to set the distance between one table and another table at least 6 feet long. Not only that, you can also use partitions at each booth to make social restrictions run more effectively.

Prioritizing the health and hygiene of staff and visitors
Health and hygiene are important not only for you and your staff, but also for your customers. Therefore, every staff and visitor needs to follow the procedure to check body temperature and use a mask when participating in the event. In addition, you can also consider using a face shield so that the safety of customers and staff is maintained. If any staff shows symptoms of illness such as flu, cough or fever, ask them to stay at home until they recover.

Build customer trust
In the new normal era, entertainment event industry players also face challenges, namely gaining customer trust. Therefore, you need to show your professionalism in organizing events based on health protocols. For example, such as prohibiting entry to customers who do not wear masks and providing face-to-face payment options to reduce direct contact. Especially now, you can use Cashlez’s QuickShare feature to send QR codes to customers.

Implementing health protocols and regular disinfection will help your event run efficiently. Are you ready to organize entertainment events in the new normal era?



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